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FeRROUS is quite possibly the most popular member of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs! He is also the 'Head Swinertainer' during all IronPigs' home games at Coca-Cola Park.  FeRROUS is very active in the community and can be seen at dozens of functions throughout the Lehigh Valley community each year.  FeRROUS loves youngsters and is excited to pose for a picture the next time you see him at a game.

FeFe and FeRROUS are active members of the Lehigh Valley community, and can be found at every IronPigs home game at Coca-Cola Park.  FeFe is extremely active in the community and often participates in the club's charitable programs and team-sponsored events.  The next time your at Coca-Cola Park, make sure to say hello to FeFe... she loves to make new friends!

Diggity is one of the greatest Pork Racers of all-time and recently captured the prestigious Most Valuable Porker Award, given annually to the nation's best Pork Racer.  While Diggity clears is the most talented Pork Racer at Coca-Cola Park, his "hot dogging" sometimes gets him in trouble and leaves him susceptible to Chris P. Bacon and even Hambone.  Odds of winning the next race: 3-2.
Chris P. Bacon

One of the quickest Pork Racers ever, Chris P. Bacon often gets out to a large lead in the nightly Pork Race at Coca-Cola Park but can't always find a way to hold it!  Chris P. Bacon is easily distracted and sometimes loses his concentration when jumping out to large leads.  Just now entering his prime, Chris is expecting a breakout season in 2011.  Odds of winning the next race: 3-1

Often referred to as the Washington Generals of the Great Pork Race, Hambone actually had a breakout year in 2010, posting two wins in 72 races.  That actually doubled his career win total!  Hambone has been spending extra time in the gym this off-season and has slimmed down in an effort to become a better racer.  Even so, for Hambone to have a chance to win the next race, he needs a little luck:  Odds of winning the next race: 50-1.