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Ticket Fundraising

Ticket Fundraising Program


The Durham Bulls Ticket Fundraising Program is a program designed to help promote and benefit non-profit organizations. The Durham Bulls Fundraising Program has helped groups to raise thousands of dollars, simply by selling Durham Bulls tickets!

The best part of the Fundraising Program is that each organization that participates will keep HALF of the dollar amount of all tickets sold! You will be provided with ticket vouchers that have a $10 value and will get to keep $5 from each voucher you sell.


Step 1: Choose which program you want to participate in.

  • Featured Fundraiser
    • On select Thursdays and Sundays
    • Sell dated ticket fundraising vouchers for your selected Durham Bulls game
    • Reserve a block of seats and man a will call table outside the ballpark
    • On-field check presentation (minimum of 100 ticket vouchers sold).
  • Dated Fundraiser
    • On select Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays
    • Sell dated ticket fundraising vouchers for your assigned game
    • Reserve a block of seats and man a will call table outside the ballpark
  • Undated Fundraiser
    • Sell undated ticket fundraising vouchers
    • Vouchers can be exchanged at Durham Bulls Box Office for any Durham Bulls regular season home game (Sunday through Thursday, excluding Opening Night, subject to availability).
    • Provides flexibility in allowing people to exchange their vouchers for tickets.


Step 2: Contact us to check on availability

  • A non-refundable $150 deposit will secure the program for you.
  • The Bulls will provide your organization with a package of either dated or undated $10 ticket vouchers for you to sell.
  • Sell the vouchers and raise money!


Step 3: Redeem your ticket vouchers

  • Redeem the ticket vouchers at the Durham Bulls Box Office or at your will call table on your selected night.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed for either Terrace View (sections 209-218) or Outfield Reserved (sections 128-134) seats, based on availability.


 For more information about the Durham Bulls Fundraising Program and its benefits and incentives, please contact Cassie Fowler at or 919-687-6535.