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Party Deck Catering Menu Options




There are many aspects that create a perfect night here at The Diamond: the game, the fans, the entertainment, and of course, the food! The Flying Squirrels pride themselves on providing fans with a wide range of enticing menu options-whether you're craving shrimp cocktail or chicken tenders, we have something to tempt the taste buds of every fan!

Here you will find everything you need to place a catering order for your Flying Squirrels PARTY DECK DATE!

First, if you have not yet had the chance to review our party deck menu, please view above or click here for PDF

When you have made your choices, you will place your selections with our new online ordering system.

Here are some important considerations when placing orders with our new software:

• Pre-orders must be placed three business days in advance (weekends do not count as a part of these three days). For example, to place an order for a Sunday game, orders must be received by end-of-day Wednesday prior. There will be no exceptions. This software will not allow you to place orders if you are beyond the deadline.

• If the deadline has passed but you would still like food for your party deck on the day of your game, you must place a Game Day Order with your Party Deck Attendant when you arrive.

• Each host will have 30 minutes to place an order with our online ordering system so be prepared with your menu selections and credit card information before you start!

• Credit card information must be given at the time of the order. This information is handled securely and will be deleted from our system each night.

Once you have read all considerations and instructions fully, you may access our ordering system by CLICKING HERE.

If you are having trouble using this software or have questions while ordering, please contact Sam Mirelesat (804) 359-3866 ext. 357 or