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Hardball Cider Stage

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Hardball Cider is the official sponsor of the Hardball Cider Stage -- the Fightins state-of-the-art stage, which is the focal point of Tompkins VIST Bank Plaza. The stage was part of the $10 Million Renovations project at FirstEnergy Stadium, which took place before the 2011 season.

Musical entertainment has been taken to the next level on the Hardball Cider Stage, and the experience will continue to get better and better over the years. Fightins fans can continue to expect great performances on game days and non-game days. The stage is home to great bands such as the National Penn Bank Fightins Mascot Band and many others. It will also continue to house great musical performances during the offseason. 

In addition to all the great musical acts who have already performed in the past at FirstEnergy Stadium, the Hardball Cider Stage also features a Community Music Showcase. The showcase features school choruses & orchestras, glee clubs, youth bands, and much more from around the community. 

For over 75 years and spanning five generations, Hardball Cider has worked to perfect our apple cider. They make their hard ciders from a blend of our own apples and supplement as needed with other locally sourced apples from long-established, trusted orchards. It takes 5-7 apples to make one 12 oz. bottle of the hard cider. Hardball Cider never uses apple concentrate or artificial colors and flavors and our hard ciders are naturally gluten free. With the perfect blend of apples and a love of baseball, Hardball Cider was launched in the summer of 2013 and continues to grow today.