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Meet Rowdie

Meet Rowdie

"Voted Best Mascot in Indy by Indianapolis Monthly magazine - December 2010"



Rowdie signed with the Indians in 1993.

Position:  MASCOT
Height:  TALL
Born:  1993

In 1993, the Indians were set to begin another baseball season.  While players, coaches, umpires and fans gathered at Bush Stadium for another exciting game, a fuzzy red bear named Rowdie was sleeping soundly just down the river from the ballpark.  Rowdie had not been able to find a cave in Indianapolis to hibernate for the winter, so he ended up choosing a bushy area along the river's edge.

Rowdie was resting comfortably until, "POW," something hit him right in the nose.  It woke him from a deep sleep and sent him rolling into the nearby river!  All of a sudden, Rowdie was cold and wet and felt a terrible pain in his nose.

Rowdie thought he would splash some cold water on his nose to ease the pain, but when he saw his reflection in the water, he noticed there was a baseball stuck to his face where his nose use to be.  Rowdie attempted to pull the baseball off his face but could not get it to budge.

With the hope of finding someone who could remove it, Rowdie decided to find out where the baseball came from.  Moments later, Rowdie was walking along the river when another baseball went flying by his head!

On his way towards Bush Stadium, Rowdie heard all of the people inside.  He entered the ballpark and approached the home clubhouse.  All of the players gathered around Rowdie and tried to pull the baseball off his nose, but it would not budge.

The Indians players invited Rowdie to stay and be their mascot.  Rowdie decided that he could get use to having a baseball for a nose and would love to be the mascot for the Indians.  The team ended up getting a uniform for Rowdie and his number has been #00 ever since.

The Indians now play their home games at Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis, but Rowdie is still the team mascot.  If you are able to make it to a game, be sure to look for Rowdie.  This fuzzy red bear loves to see smiling fans at the ballpark!  Rowdie may even give you a high five, sign an autograph or deliver a pizza to your seat!

As one of the Tribe's most recognizable faces, Rowdie stays busy during the winter months.  He makes nearly 100 appearances each year at various birthday parties and corporate functions.  He especially enjoys helping out at civic, school and charitable events.

To keep up with all of Rowdie's appearances, giveaways and general hilarity follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter: @RowdieBear