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Slugger Field A-Z Guide

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Any customer wishing to purchase alcohol products MUST be at least 21 years of age.  Louisville Slugger Field reserves the right to request the identification of anyone who attempts to purchase alcohol, as well as at any time during the event.  The sale of alcohol stops at the end of the game, with the exception of the Jack Daniel's Lounge. By law, all alcohol MUST remain inside the stadium.  Louisville Slugger Field's servers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 


Any patron purchasing alcohol for minors will be prosecuted, as well as those consuming alcohol that are under the legal drinking age.  Should you be caught consuming alcohol under the legal drinking age, the alcohol will be confiscated, and you will be further dealt with by the Louisville Police Department. 


Fans reaching high levels of intoxication, or those acting in a disruptive manner, detrimental to the experience of other fans, will be removed from the stadium.  Intervention with unruly, impaired, or intoxicated guests will be handled promptly and safely. 



All animals are prohibited with the exception of Seeing Eye Dogs or any other type of special service animal utilized by the disabled or visually impaired.



For your convenience, there are two US Bank ATM machines located in the Hall of Fame area just outside the West Gate and outside the East Gate..



Fans are welcome to seek autographs from players along the railing near the field up to 15 minutes before the start of the game. At that time, the usher will ask you to return to your ticketed seats.



The Louisville Baseball Club welcomes banners and signs.  To ensure that these articles do not distract from the enjoyment of other fans, the Bats request that guests adhere to the following guidelines:


Please do not place banners/signs in the eyesight of the batter and/or hanging over the outfield fences.  Banners should in no way infringe on the sightlines of other Louisville Slugger Field guests.  Banners/signs may not be placed anywhere inside the playing field, be commercial, political, derogatory or obscene as determined by the Louisville Baseball Club.  Signs must not utilize wood or metal material or other types of objects for support.



Bat Bucks are gift certificates that spend like cash. They are available in $5 and $1 denominations and are redeemable for concessions, gift shop, additional game tickets, speed pitch, carousel and other attractions at Slugger Field. They are redeemable at any time during the season as well as in the gift shop during home games.              



No glass bottles or cans may be brought into Louisville Slugger Field. Guests are welcome to bring in one bottle of water provided it is in a clear plastic bottle and the safety seal has not been broken for baseball games only; NOT special events. Insulated foam cups/containers from restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations, etc. are not permitted in Louisville Slugger Field.



All Louisville Bats home and road games can be heard on WGTK 970 AM. Jim Kelch and Matt Andrews are the broadcasters.



Buddy Bat is the official mascot of the Louisville Bats. You can see and meet Buddy at all home games.



Guests are welcome to bring cameras and video recorders into the ballpark for personal use. Guests are requested to avoid standing in the aisles while using this equipment.  Guests should not obstruct the views of others while taking pictures and should refrain from using tri-pods, monopods and other camera support pods.  The Louisville Baseball Club reserves the right to remove any guests that do not cooperate with this policy.



The Louisville Slugger Field Carousel is located on the concourse next to the right field bleachers. Fans can ride the carousel for $1 per ride during all home games.



There are no lawn chairs or any other recreational chairs allowed in Louisville Slugger Field. Fans will be asked to return chairs back to vehicles. The Louisville Baseball Club is not responsible for watching chairs or any other items for fans.



The club seats at Slugger Field are the premium seats at the ballpark. All club seats are padded and feature a great view of all the action of Bats baseball. Club Level season ticket holders also have access to the Jack Daniel's Bar and Lounge. The costs of club seats are $550 per seat. For more information please call (502) 212-2287.



Centerplate operates the food and beverage stands throughout Louisville Slugger Field.  For information on concessions and other services that Centerplate provides please call (502) 212-2287.



Coolers are not permitted inside Louisville Slugger Field. Fans will be asked to return coolers of any kind back to their vehicles.



For information on Louisville Bats Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, please call (502) 212-2287 EXT 649



All major credit cards are accepted at the Louisville Slugger Field ticket windows, and gift shops. The concession stands do not accept any form of debt/credit cards. They only accept cash and Bat Bucks.



Baby changing tables are available in all public and family restrooms at Louisville Slugger Field.



The Bats are committed to providing every guest with a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the ballpark.  There is wheelchair seating available along with handicapped ramps and elevators to provide easy access.



For the convenience of our guests there is one elevator located in the suite lobby behind home plate. The elevator only allows for access to the second level.



Guests can enter Louisville Slugger Field at the following entrances.


East Gate

Located on the East Side of the Hall of Fame closest to the season ticket parking lot. Guests entering here will be on concourse near the first base side of the stadium.


West Gate

Located on the West Side of the Hall of Fame closest to Preston Street. Guests entering here will be on the concourse near the third base side.


Suite and Club Seat Entrance

Located in the middle of the Hall of Fame closest to Main Street. Guests entering here can take the elevator or stairwell to the club and suite level

Witherspoon Gate

Located on the corner of Preston and Witherspoon Street. Guests entering here

will be on the concourse near left center field and the lawn seating.




FULL Season Ticket Holders may exchange their expired season tickets for MONDAY games (excluding Labor Day on Sept. 1) for outfield reserved seats, bleacher seats or the lawn.  All seating is subject to availability and we encourage you to exchange your expired tickets as far in advance as possible in order to secure the best available seats.  The deadline to exchange expired tickets at the box office is 2:00 p.m. on the selected redemption date. The maximum number of tickets that may be redeemed at the box office is 40 for a single date.  If you have more than 40 expired tickets to redeem, we are happy to split the tickets between multiple Monday redemption dates, please contact the Bats office at (502) 212-2287 and your sales representative will be happy to help you with this transaction.  I.


In order to protect the value of your season ticket, we cannot allow tickets to be resold or given away at Louisville Slugger Field. 


The games that you may exchange your expired FULL season tickets for are listed below. 


2008 Expired Ticket Redemption Dates

Monday, April 14        

Monday, April 28        

Monday, May 12        

Monday, June 2           

Monday, June 23        

Monday, June 30        

Monday, July 21          

Monday, August 4          

Monday, August 11     

Tuesday, August 19     

Monday, August 25     

Tuesday, August 26     



There are family restrooms located throughout Slugger Field. You can find two family restrooms on the lower level of the concourse, one behind home plate and the other at the Overlook Deck concession stand in center field. There is also one family restroom upstairs in the hallway outside suites 13-17.



Fan mail can be sent to: 


Coach or Player's Name

c/o The Louisville Bats

Louisville Slugger Field

401 East Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202



The first aid station is located o the concourse behind section 118 (near the West gate). There are trained medical personnel provided by Yellow Cab Ambulance at all home games to assist fans with any medical procedure or emergency. 



Guests are welcome to keep any foul ball hit into the stands.  At no time should a foul ball or home run ball be thrown back on the field.  Violators will be subject to ejection.  Any guest interfering with a ball in play will be subject to ejection from the ballpark.  Any guest going onto the playing field will be ejected from the ballpark and will be subject to arrest and prosecution.  Guests assume all risks and dangers incidental to the game of baseball, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual playing of the game; including without limitation, injury from thrown bats, thrown or batted balls and spectator conduct.



Gates open one hour and fifteen minutes prior to game time. Gate opening time may change for special circumstances to be determined by the Louisville Baseball Club.



The Bat Cave is located in Louisville Slugger Field and is open during all home games. There you can find all of the latest Louisville Bats and Slugger Field merchandise and collectibles. The hours of the Bat Cave during the season on non-game days is Monday - Friday 11-4.



There are special group rates for groups of 20 or more. If you are interested in bringing a group out to a Bats game then contact the main office at (502) 212-2287 and ask for group sales.



The Hall of Fame at Slugger Field is the main portion of the building, which used to be a train warehouse. Inside you will find pictures and memorabilia from Louisville Baseball history, along with championship banners, two restaurants, and large open space that can be rented out for private parties and events.



The information booth can be found on the concourse behind section 117. This is where you can find any information about the Louisville Bats and Slugger Field.



Spectators may not interfere with balls in the field of play. Fans must give way to the players when they are pursuing a ball. Anyone in violation of this policy will be ejected from the stadium.



For information on the Bats on the Internet, you can check for all the latest news and information at On the website you can find information such as news, statistics, standings, as well as listen to the games online and follow along with the play by play.



The Jack Daniel's Bar is located on the suite and club seat level of the stadium. Only club seat and suite holders have access to the bar during games. The bar will remain open for a certain time period after games for the general public to use.  There is no smoking in the Jack Daniel's Bar.



The Papa John's Knothole Gang is free for children ages 12 and under. The membership provides special deals and promotions throughout the year. You can sign up at any Bats home game at the knothole booth near the playground area. 



There is lawn seating available just beyond the wall in left center field. The ticket for a lawn seat is $6.



You can inquire about lost and found items at the information booth during games or by calling the office Monday - Friday 9-5 at (502) 212-2287.



The Louisville Bats are the proud Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.



The Overlook Deck is located behind the right center field wall just under the scoreboard. Here you can find picnic tables along with a concession stand. The Overlook Deck is a great place for company picnics and parties. The Overlook Deck is open to any fan with a paid admission but can also be reserved for private outings.  Smoking is permitted on the Overlook Deck.



Slugger Field has one main parking lot primarily for full season ticket holders on the East side of the stadium. This lot is opened up to the general public fifteen minutes before game time. However, there is ample parking available around the stadium. There is a large pay lot on the West Side of the stadium on Preston Street. There are two main garages that are available within walking distance. One is located on Witherspoon Street, and the other is located on Washington Street, between Floyd and Brook Street. There is also street parking available after 6 p.m. on weekdays anytime on the weekends.



The patio deck is located just beyond the right field wall in front of the bleachers. There you will find a three-tiered deck with picnic tables available. The patio deck is open to any fan with paid admission, but can also be reserved for private outings.



There are two playgrounds located at the right field concourse next to the carousel.



Programs and scorecards are available at every game. The cost $2 a piece and you can find the as soon as you walk in the West and East entry. Once they have stopped selling, then you may purchase them at the information booth for the same price.



A Bats game is an official rain out if the game is postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather.  Tickets for that game may be exchanged for any future regular season home game excluding Thunder Over Louisville and playoff games.  A rain-delayed game is not considered a rain out and those tickets may not be exchanged for a future game.



Restrooms are located throughout the entire ballpark. There are men's and women's restrooms located in the Overlook Deck, along the first base side, and along the third base side. There are also men's and women's restrooms on first and third base side of the club level. Family restrooms are available behind homeplate, in the Overlook Deck, and in the club level.



For information on full or partial season tickets, call the Bats at (502) 212-2287 and ask for a sales representative for assistance.



Slugger Field is a smoke free facility, however as a service to those who wish to smoke, we have a designated smoking area in the left field concourse by the flagpoles and at the Overlook Deck. There is absolutely no smoking allowed in the seats.



There is a speed pitch machine on the concourse along the left field line, it costs $2 for four throws. There are prizes available for those who can guess how hard they throw.  Or for $5, if a fan throws and hits the catcher's mitt three out of four throws, you win a Bats jersey.



There are pay phones located inside the ballpark by the East and West gates.



The ticket office hours are:

            Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (extended hours on game nights)

            Saturday Game Days: 10:00 a.m. through the game

            Sunday Game Days (1:15 p.m. start time): 10:00 a.m. through the game

            Sunday Game Days (6:15 p.m. start time): 12:00 p.m. through end of game

            Weekday Holiday Game Days: 10:00 a.m. through end of game



You may not sell or handout tickets anywhere on the Slugger Field property, including the parking lot, sidewalks, and hall of fame.  The Louisville Baseball Club reserves the right to confiscate any tickets that are being scalped or sold by anyone other than the ticket sellers at the windows.



There are water fountains located by each of the large restrooms on the club level and on the lower level.



Will call is located in the center of the hall of fame just inside the main street entrance. You must be prepared to show your ID when picking up will call tickets.