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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people do you need to reserve a picnic outing?

A: The minimum amount of people for a picnic is 20 people.

Q: When do picnics usually begin?

A: In the Pavilion, Club and 3rd Base Picnic Areas picnics can either begin 1.5 hours prior to the game, or at the start of the 2nd inning. On the Home Run Porch and in the All You Can Eat Section picnics begin at the start of the game.

Q: How long do picnics last for?

A: Picnics last for 1.5 hours except for picnics in the All You Can Eat Section last through the 7th Inning.

Q: Does the picnic price include my game ticket?

A: Yes, your picnic price includes a ticket to the game.

Q: Are there separate tickets for the game, picnic and drinks?

A: No, you only need one ticket. Your one ticket serves as your game ticket, ticket into your designated picnic area, your drink ticket (each person gets two drinks) and also includes your seat location for the game.

Q: Are Parking Passes included with my Rattlers Outing?

A: Parking Passes are NOT included in the Picnic Price. However, Parking Passes can be purchased in advance through your Group Representative.

Q: Is there a discount for children?

A: We do offer a picnic price for children under the age of 10. Children 2 and under do not need a ticket for the picnic or game if they will be sitting on an adult's lap.

Q: When are payments due for my picnic?

A: A 50% deposit is due within one month of booking your picnic. A final payment is due by three weeks prior to the game.

Q: Can items be added to our picnic menu?

A: We do offer a menu of items you can add to your picnic menu. This includes healthy menu options and extra dessert items. Ask your Group Sales Representative for a copy of our picnic add-on menu.

Q: What happens if there is inclement weather?

A: Picnics will go on as scheduled regardless of inclement weather. If at the conclusion of your picnic the game is cancelled your game ticket can be exchanged for a game ticket to a future game of the same season. If a game is cancelled prior to the gates opening due to extreme conditions you can choose to continue on with your picnic as scheduled or reschedule both the picnic and game (subject to availability.)




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