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Past Champions

International League Governors' Cup Champions

1933 Buffalo Ray Schalk Rochester George Toporcer Newark-Baltimore
1934 Toronto Ike Boone Rochester George Toporcer Newark-Albany
1935 Syracuse Nemo Leibold Montreal Frank Shaughnessy Buffalo-Newark
1936 *Buffalo Ray Schalk Baltimore Guy Sturdy Newark-Rochester
1937 *Newark Oscar Vitt Baltimore Clyde Crouse Syracuse-Montreal
1938 *Newark Johnny Neun Buffalo Steve O'Neill Rochester-Syracuse
1939 Rochester Billy Southworth Newark Johnny Neun Jersey City-Buffalo
1940 Newark Johnny Neun Baltimore Tommy Thomas Rochester-Jersey City
1941 Montreal Clyde Sukeforth Newark Johnny Neun Buffalo-Rochester
1942 Syracuse Jewel Ens Jersey City Frank Snyder Montreal-Newark
1943 Syracuse Jewel Ens Toronto Burleigh Grimes Newark-Montreal
1944 *Baltimore Tommy Thomas Newark Bill Meyer Buffalo-Toronto
1945 Newark Bill Meyer Montreal Bruno Betzel Toronto-Baltimore
1946 *Montreal Clay Hopper Syracuse Jewel Ens Baltimore-Newark
1947 Syracuse Jewel Ens Buffalo Paul Richards Jersey City-Montreal
1948 *Montreal Clay Hopper Syracuse Jewel Ens Rochester-Newark
1949 Montreal Clay Hopper Buffalo Paul Richards Rochester-Jersey City
1950 Baltimore Nick Cullop Rochester Johnny Keane Montreal-Jersey City
1951 *Montreal Walter Alston Syracuse Bruno Betzel Rochester-Buffalo
1952 Rochester Harry Walker Montreal Walter Alston Syracuse-Toronto
1953 Montreal Walter Alston Rochester Harry Walker Buffalo-Baltimore
1954 Syracuse Skeeter Newsome Montreal Max Macon Toronto-Rochester
1955 Rochester Fred Walker Toronto Luke Sewell Havana-Montreal
1956 Rochester Fred Walker Toronto Bruno Betzel Miami-Montreal
1957 Buffalo Phil Cavarretta Miami Donald Osborn Toronto-Richmond
1958 *Montreal Clay Bryant Toronto Fred Walker Rochester-Columbus
1959 Havana Preston Gomez Richmond Mike Souchok Buffalo-Columbus
1960 *Toronto Mel McGaha Rochester Clyde King Richmond-Buffalo
1961 Buffalo Kerby Farrell Rochester Clyde King Columbus-Charleston
1962 Atlanta Joe Schultz Jacksonville Ben Geraghty Toronto-Rochester
1963 *Indianapolis Rollie Hemsley Atlanta Harry Walker Syracuse-Toronto
1964 Rochester Darrell Johnson Syracuse Frank Carswell Jacksonville-Buffalo
1965 Toronto Dick Williams Columbus Larry Shepard Atlanta-Syracuse
1966 Toronto Dick Williams Richmond Bill Adair Rochester-Columbus
1967 Toledo Jack Tighe Columbus Pete Peterson Richmond-Rochester
1968 Jacksonville Clyde McCullough Columbus Johnny Pesky Toledo-Rochester
1969 Syracuse Frank Verdi Columbus Don Hoak Tidewater-Louisville
1970 *Syracuse Frank Verdi Columbus Joe Morgan Rochester-Tidewater
1971 *Rochester Joe Altobelli Tidewater Hank Bauer Charleston-Syracuse
1972 Tidewater Hank Bauer Louisville Darrell Johnson Charleston-Rochester
1973 Pawtucket Darrell Johnson Charleston Joe Morgan Rochester-Tidewater
1974 *Rochester Joe Altobelli Syracuse Bobby Cox Memphis-Richmond
1975 *Tidewater Joe Frazier Syracuse Bobby Cox Charleston-Rochester
1976 Syracuse Bobby Cox Richmond Jack McKeon Rochester-Memphis
1977 Charleston Jim Beauchamp Pawtucket Joe Morgan Richmond-Tidewater
1978 Richmond Tommie Aaron Pawtucket Joe Morgan Charleston-Toledo
1979 *Columbus Gene Michael Syracuse Vern Benson Richmond-Tidewater
1980 *Columbus Joe Altobelli Toledo Cal Ermer Richmond-Rochester
1981 *Columbus Frank Verdi Richmond Eddie Haas Rochester-Tidewater
1982 Tidewater Jack Aker Rochester Lance Nichols Richmond-Columbus
1983 Tidewater Dave Johnson Richmond Eddie Haas Columbus-Charleston
1984 Pawtucket Tony Torchia Maine Doc Edwards Columbus-Toledo
1985 Tidewater Bob Schaefer Columbus Stump Merrill Syracuse-Maine
1986 *Richmond Roy Majtyka Rochester John Hart Pawtucket-Tidewater
1987 Columbus Bucky Dent Tidewater Mike Cubbage Rochester-Pawtucket
1988 *Rochester Johnny Oates Tidewater Mike Cubbage
1989 *Richmond Jim Beauchamp Syracuse Bob Bailor
1990 *Rochester Greg Biagini Columbus Rick Down
1991 *Columbus Rick Down Pawtucket Butch Hobson
1992 *Columbus Rick Down Scranton/W.B. Lee Elia Richmond-Pawtucket
1993 *Charlotte Charlie Manuel Rochester Bob Miscik Richmond-Ottawa
1994 *Richmond Grady Little Syracuse Bob Didier Charlotte-Pawtucket
1995 *Ottawa Pete Mackanin Norfolk Toby Harrah Richmond-Rochester
1996 *Columbus Stump Merrill Rochester Marv Foley Norfolk-Pawtucket
1997 *Rochester Marv Foley Columbus Stump Merrill Charlotte-Pawtucket
1998 *Buffalo Jeff Datz Durham Bill Evers Louisville-Syracuse
1999 *Charlotte Tom Spencer Durham Bill Evers Columbus-Scranton/WB
2000 *Indianapolis Steve Smith Scranton/WB Marc Bombard Buffalo-Durham
2001 *Louisville Dave Miley Scranton/WB Marc Bombard Buffalo-Norfolk
2002 *Durham Bill Evers Buffalo Eric Wedge Scranton/WB-Toledo
2003 *Durham Bill Evers Pawtucket Buddy Bailey Louisville-Ottawa
2004 *Buffalo Marty Brown Richmond Pat Kelly Columbus-Durham
2005 *Toledo Larry Parrish Indianapolis Trent Jewett Buffalo-Norfolk
2006 *Toledo Larry Parrish Rochester Stan Cliburn Scranton/WB-Charlotte-Indianapolis
2007 *Richmond Dave Brundage Durham Charlie Montoyo Scranton/WB-Toledo
2008 *Scranton/WB Dave Miley Durham Charlie Montoyo Pawtucket-Louisville
2009 *Durham Charlie Montoyo Scranton/WB Dave Miley Gwinnett-Louisville
2010 *Columbus Mike Sarbaugh Durham Charlie Montoyo Scranton/WB-Louisville
2011 *Columbus Mike Sarbaugh Lehigh Valley Ryne Sandberg Durham-Pawtucket
2012 Pawtucket Arnie Beyeler Charlotte Joel Skinner Indianapolis-Scranton/WB

* Also Pennant Winner

After 10 seasons in a two division format, the International League switched to a three division alignment in 1998. The practice of recognizing the League Champion as not only the Pennant Winner, but also the Governors' Cup Winner will continue.