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Former Presidents

Former Pacific Coast League Presidents
1998-present Branch B. Rickey
1979-1997 William S. Cutler
1974-1978 Roy Jackson
1968-1973 William B. McKechnie, Jr.
1960-1968 Dewey Soriano
1956-1959 Leslie M. O' Connor
1955 Claire V. Goodwin
1944-1954 Clarence H. Rowland
1936-1943 William C. Tuttle
1932-1935 Hyland H. Baggerly
1924-1931 Harry A. Williams
1920-1923 William H. McCarthy
1912-1919 Allan T. Baum
1910-1911 Judge Thomas F. Graham
1907-1909 J. Cal Ewing
1903-1906 Eugene F. Bert