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Boudreaux D. Nutria and his wife Clotile are not only the New Orleans Zephyrs official mascots, but they have become King and Queen of Zephyr Field and the ambassadors of baseball for the entire south Louisiana area.

This lovable, fuzzy husband-and-wife tandem has become the most popular nutria in Jefferson Parish, an area that has often greeted nutria with open fire instead of open arms.

Boudreaux has made Zephyr Field his home since 1997 when he was found lost in the swamp exhibit at the Audubon Zoo. The Zephyrs adopted Boo and put him to work as the official mascot. He has charmed and entertained hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the region and was the New Orleans' most celebrated bachelor...until 1998.

That's when he met the former Clotile Picou when she answered a Gambit Weekly personal ad the Zephyrs placed for Boudreaux. It was love at first bite, as Clotile accepted Boudreaux's marriage proposal in front of a sold-out crowd on April 11 1998. They were married at Zephyr Field on August 16, 1998 in front of a then-record crowd of 11,012. They have expanded their family to include Beauregard, Cherie, Claudette, Jean-Pierre, Noelle and Thibodaux. It's a six-pack that can't be beat and the Zephyrs most enduring gift to the children of New Orleans.