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Height w/ Antlers: 6'7"
Weight: 180
Antler span: 3'
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Birthplace: Mt. Rainier National Park
Resides: Cheney Stadium
Position: Rainiers Mascot
Favorite Food: Cheney Mountain Dog
Favorite Activities: Dancing on the Dugout & Sound Transit's "Run with Rhubarb"
Favorite Songs: Van Halen, "Jump"
Best Friend: The Mariner Moose
Off Season Hobbies: Visiting kids in the community, helping the grounds crew, practicing magic, dancing, eating popcorn and watching movies
Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

Rhubarb the Reindeer has been the Tacoma Rainiers mascot and a fan favorite at Cheney Stadium since 1995. Rhubarb was raised in the wild of Mt. Rainier National Forest. He followed the blaze of the fireworks to Cheney Stadium and fell in love with baseball. He began training with the team and they adopted him as their mascot. Rhubarb found that he's very good at baseball because of his broad reindeer hooves, which help him run extremely fast, especially during the "Run with Rhubarb" at Cheney Stadium.

Though reindeer are herbivores (meaning they eat leaves) Rhubarb does cheat on his vegetarian diet during the baseball season when he devours many hot dogs at Cheney Stadium. Rhubarb's parents, Rhubob and Rhubarbara, are very proud of their son and look forward to his performances at each game.

He loves performing magic tricks and dancing with his friends. He is energetic, sometimes shy and always silly. He is somewhat self conscious of his antlers as he continues to grow into them. He is 12 years old.

Rhubarb maintains a very busy schedule and is a very popular reindeer. You never know where you'll spot him next. Be sure to look out for him at fairs, expos, school functions, charity walks and all sorts of fun summer activities. He loves to see his favorite fans away from the ballpark!

Rhubarb is available to make appearances year-round. If you are interested in having Rhubarb at your event please contact Dane Lund at