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Game-Worn Jersey Auction

Game-Worn Jersey Auction

The Lake County Captains offered a rare opportunity for fans to own a piece of baseball history as part of the club's silent auction for authentic game-worn home uniforms, which ran from October 24th through December 5th.

The uniforms were worn by a number of star players, including some potential future Cleveland Indians. The featured uniforms were worn by Lake County Captains players during the 2007 season. Each uniform set included a white home jersey and its matching pair of pants.

Note: Players' names are not on the uniforms.

Bidding closed at
5:00 PM EST on Wednesday, December 5

The starting bid for each jersey was $75. Updates on the current highest bid amount for each jersey were posted daily on this page. Fans could raise their bid at any time before the end of the listing period. To do this, they would simply submit another bid on the auction at a higher amount.

Note: All orders were subject to additional shipping and handling charges.

Bidding was meant to be fun and enjoyable, but each bid fans placed entered them into a binding contract. If a fan won a listing, then they were obligated to complete the transaction.

Home Jerseys

Worn During the 2007 Season

Asterisk(*) denotes 2007 S.A.L. ALL-STAR

# Worn By Bid
4 David Uribes E. SPEZZA $75
6 Cristo Arnal | Dustin Realini --
7 Argenis Tavarez --
8 Nick Weglarz J. KROUSE $130
9 Roman Peña M. GONZALEZ $75
10 Beau Mills | Andy Lytle | Robert Alcombrack A. BENISH $300
12 Jared Goedert* | Niuman Romero J. TYLER $510
13 Mike Pontius | Lucas Montero --
15 Jason Denham T. HUNTER $75
16 Fernando Pacheco | Alex Castillo --
17 Carlos Rivero T. CYRUS $75
20 Paolo Espino G. THOMAS $75
22 Josh Tomlin* | Kyle Collina J. TYLER $110
23 Ruben Niebla (Pitching Coach) --
24 Matt McBride* M. ZAGORC $230
25 Felipe Garcia | Austin Creps --
27 Chris Tremie (Manager) --
28 Neil Wagner --
29 Cirilo Cumberbatch R. DEW $80
30 Matt Robinson | Mike Eisenberg | Travis Turek --
32 Steven Wright | Brian Juhl C. JUHL $105
33 Jim Rickon (Hitting Coach) D. WHITE $75
34 Ramon Hernandez | Chris Jones | Ramon Alvarado --
36 Scott Sumner --
37 Luis Perdomo D. HEWETT $75
38 Jake Westbrook | Cody Bunkelman | Santo Frias M. TYSON $150
39 Lucas Montero | Matt Meyer --
40 Hector Rondon* --
41 Joanniel Montero | Osiel Flores | Chris Archer --
43 Ryan Morris J. MITCHELL $75
44 Jeanmar Gomez B. MANEY $75
45 Luis Valdez J. TYLER $85
47 Brand-New/Unworn (Size 52) S. LENDON $75
48 Brand-New/Unworn (Size 52) T. CRANE $75