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Buffalo Bisons History

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Joe OverfieldBuffalo Bisons History

For Joe Overfield, it all started in the summer of 1925. At the age of 9, Joe attended his first Buffalo Bisons game and fell in love with baseball and the Bisons. Over the years Joe was witness to thousands of games and followed thousands more through Bisons' radio broadcasts.

Joe was well known in Buffalo's baseball circles, and it is without question that he knew more about the Buffalo Bisons and their history than any other person on the face of the earth.

Joe passed away in July of 2000, but he left Buffalo's baseball fans with his book, The 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball. It is with this book that we were able to assemble this page of our web site dedicated to the history of the Bisons. Although Joe's book covers the years up to and including 1985, we have been able to add the most recent years in the Bisons history and we hope to continue this history and carry on Joe's great tradition of chronicling the Bisons.

In Joe's memory, we present the history of the Bisons online and we hope you enjoy reading about the Bisons past as much as we're sure Joe enjoyed it.

History by Decades


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