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Meet the Legends Mascots

Meet the Legends Mascots

It has taken many years and a few stops along the way, but Big L has finally found his way back to Lexington.

Big L was raised by two horse trainers who worked on many of the beautiful horse farms in the area. He spent his childhood days playing the game of baseball in the fields of these sprawling farms. After standout high school and college careers here in Lexington, the Houston Colts 45's drafted him. His dreams were finally realized one day when he got the call; he was going up to Houston to play in his first major league.

Now, with his playing days over, Big L has decided to return to Lexington as the original Lexington Legend.

PeeWee has led a very crazy and adventurous life.

He has spent most of his times traveling the states and watching some of the greatest baseball games and players ever. After watching baseball greats from as far west as California and as Far East as Boston, PeeWee found his heart to be stuck in Lexington. He just could not seem to stay away from the Bluegrass State and our famous southern hospitality.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Elle was an exceptional softball player in Texas.

She was a big fan of the Houston Colt 45's and an even bigger fan of their all-star slugger, Big L. They dated for several months, but just before things got serious, Big L was called up to play for the Houston Astros, and the two eventually lost touch. But, just as fate would have it, PeeWee ran into Elle during the 2004 MLB All-Star game in Houston.

Elle promised to one day make it up to Lexington to be reunited with Big L, the lover of her life. She did and they were married on the field at Applebee's Park in April 2006.

Not too much later, the first child of Big L and Elle, Little L, made his way to the world. He was born in Lexington on August 2 at 1:14pm, weighing 103 pounds and 7 ounces. Little L enjoys playing catch with his dad, in the backyard and watching cartoons. His favorite color is green and his favorite movie is Sandlot. When he grows up, he hopes to become a shortstop for the Legends.