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Mission Statement



A minor league baseball team is more than a private entity; it is a public trust. Our goals in maintaining that trust are to set the standard both in our community and our industry for providing outstanding customer service, great value, and unmatched fun and fan entertainment. In so doing, we seek to give guests of all ages memorable experiences while attaining the highest levels of guest satisfaction in a safe and fun environment for families of all ages. We also seek to integrate our players, coaches and front office staff into the Quad Cities.


As the most fan-centric organization within minor league baseball, we seek to employ the best, most talented individuals in our industry, people who work tirelessly to maintain Modern Woodmen Park's reputation as the friendliest ballpark in America. We also seek to provide our sponsors and corporate partners with great value and creative, one-of-a-kind advertising vehicles to deliver their message in a unique, persuasive and memorable manner. And we aspire to make a positive impact across our community through our many charitable endeavors, particularly our unmatched Bandits Scholars program.


Most of all, we put our fans first. Each time you walk through our gates, we want you to enjoy the peace and pleasure of a relaxed respite from the many demands of daily life - and we will work diligently to supply all of the necessary ingredients: delicious food and drink (at reasonable prices), fun diversions, joy-filled entertainment, a picture-perfect setting and the company of the greatest people in the world - your friends and neighbors. The bottom line: when you enter our ballpark, we want to make you feel as if you are the most important person in the world - because, to us, you are.


As proprietors of a community gathering place, we aspire to create a destination where families and friends from across the region can enjoy fun and fellowship together in a safe and secure environment. As an entertainment company, we seek to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable experience each time you walk through our gates. And as stewards of Modern Woodmen Park, one of pro baseball's oldest stadiums, we seek to make our home an integral part of the Quad Cities, maintaining its original charm while working to improve and beautify it each year. Above all, we seek to make it more relevant and better utilized each year while always keeping it among our nation's finest, most iconic ballparks.