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Game Day Autograph Etiquette

Players are NOT allowed to sign autographs during the games. Remember, this is their job, they are at work. Players are able to sign autographs before and after games but it is up to them if they will sign or not. Fans are encouraged to seek autographs by the Atlas Autograph Bridge in left field to avoid clogging seating areas. Staff and coaches are not able to help in any way in getting players to sign autographs. As the fan, it is YOUR responsibility to provide a marker/pen for the player to use and whatever it is you would like them to autograph. It certainly will not hurt your chances of an autograph if you are able to learn the player names. They will likely NOT respond to "Hey you", "Hey Mister", or "Hey #". It is recommended to wait for autographs before the game, after the game, most players want to head home as quickly as possible.


Non-Game Day Autograph Etiquette

The front office staff is NOT responsible for anything sent directly to them to be signed by a player. The staff does NOT accept autograph requests on behalf of the players. If you are unable to attend a game, your best option is to mail your request and the item you would like autographed directly to the player to Werner Park as well as a self-addressed/postage paid envelope. Once you have mailed your item, it is up to the player to sign anything and return it. The front office staff is not responsible for any items mailed to the stadium.

Happy autograph seeking!


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