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Security Info

Security Guidelines

The safety and security of our fans, employees and players has always been of the utmost importance at McCoy Stadium.

The Pawtucket Red Sox have implemented and will enforce policies to enhance the safety and security of all those who visit our ball park. Some of the policies will be obvious, while others will not be made public. Please feel confident that these policies are in place to provide a safe environment for those visiting McCoy Stadium. There will be uniformed law enforcement officers and fire detail at every game.

Any type of solicitation of contributions and/or distribution of any literature on Pawtucket Red Sox property is strictly prohibited.


  • No one who is deemed to be intoxicated will be allowed entrance to the stadium.
  • Anyone entering the field at any time will be subject to arrest and prosecution.
  • No attire that PawSox staff deems to be offensive and/or vulgar. In an effort to maintain the fun, family atmosphere that has always been a part of the PawSox, this policy will be strictly enforced.
  • No food or beverages can be brought into McCoy Stadium, with the exception of a sealed bottle of water no larger than 16 oz.
  • No folding or stand alone chairs.
  • No coolers and/or containers.
  • No weapons, including but not limited to box cutters, knives, folding knives, work tools. (These items will be seized and secured in our guest service area where they can be returned upon your departure.)
  • No Flags, Banners with poles.
  • No Noisemakers, bullhorns and/or air horns.
  • No Beach balls.
  • No Laser lights.
  • No animals with the exception of those that may assist those with challenges.
  • Any item(s) which may potentially impede a fans view will not be allowed.
  • Any item(s) deemed inappropriate by PawSox management.
  • No Alcoholic beverages of any kind.
  • No glass containers of any kind are allowed.
  • No smoking in McCoy Stadium. Designated smoking areas outside main gate and Gate A & B.
  • No obscene and/or vulgar language will be tolerated.

ALL Items are subject to search. To include but not limited to: Cameras and bags, Bags of any size, Binoculars, any electronic equipment.

Anyone with a bag, back pack and/or oversize purse please enter via the service gate located to the right of the main gate.

These policies may likely cause some delays entering the stadium. Therefore we ask for your patience and full cooperation when entering McCoy Stadium, and please respect the PawSox staff employed to enforce these policies.

Any fan that directly or indirectly interferes with the enjoyment of the game will be promptly ejected from McCoy Stadium and may be subject to arrest and prosecution by the Pawtucket Police. The PawSox do not condone misbehavior of any kind. The PawSox will continue to make every effort to ensure socially acceptable behavior in order to allow fans to enjoy the game in comfort.


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Thank You!

The Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball Club