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Meet Tipper!

The Story of More than a Mascot...

The Legend of Tipper T. Bull

Tipper The Bull was born to Chloe and Bucky Bull on June 9, 2008 in Appleton, Wisconsin. Tipper spent the summer eating grass on the pasture and enjoying the beautiful Appleton weather. Tipper's family was steeped in a tradition of sports; his grandfather Red was professional bull and was involved in the professional bull riding circuit, and his father Bucky was a special guest for the local Appleton minor league baseball team, the Timber Rattlers. Tipper's Uncle Bevo was a longhorn and a mascot in Texas. Tipper had two older brothers and one sister who all loved sports and games. Victor E. followed Grandpa Red's steps and joined the professional bull riding circuit. Patty decided to go to college and is now the mascot at Williams College in Massachusetts. Ferdinand liked sports but liked reading books and the farm more, so he decided to stay in Appleton and help the family with the farm.

One day in early July, Bucky was asked to be a special guest for the Rattlers. Naturally, Bucky invited Tipper along for his first major league game. Tipper already loved baseball, and when the farmer's son Junior wasn't busy, they would play catch. Junior loved baseball too and the farmer let Tipper do some special things around the farm because Tipper kept Junior entertained. Tipper rode with Bucky and Junior to the Rattlers game and they were allowed in early to meet some of the players and the mascot. During the game, Tipper walked around with his dad, meeting people and getting them excited to watch the game. The kids loved Tipper and followed him around all game, asking for autographs and to play games with them. He had never had so much fun in his entire life!

When Tipper returned to the farm, he told all the cows, Ferdinand and Chloe about his wonderful day. From then out, Tipper was a baseball fan!

Tipper enjoyed the farm; there were a lot of cows and he enjoyed hanging out with his family. Sometimes Junior would bring a television out to the barn so he and Tipper could watch Rawhide, his favorite show, or his favorite movie, Bull Durham.

But the summer soon ended, and Tipper was shocked when September came. Wisconsin was cold! He grew quickly, as all bulls do, but he also grew tired of the freezing temperatures. Some of Tipper's relatives were auctioned to a place called California, where they said it was hardly ever cold enough to snow. This became Tipper's new goal: moving out of the snow and into the California sun.

Soon it was October and Tipper was set on moving to California. His mother Chloe did not want him to move away so soon, but knew he was destined for success in California. Tipper broke the news to Junior and he was not happy, but he promised he would help Tip find a way to California. Junior told the farmer of Tipper's plans. The farmer realized that had some connections in Tipton, California and had heard the minor league team in the area was changing names and needed a friendly bull to fill the new mascot's shoes. Tipper had never given any thought to following Grandpa Red's or Uncle Bevo's footsteps, but he could not pass up an offer to help a baseball team and hang out with kids like Junior. When he found out that the team was called "The Rawhide," just like his favorite show, there was no doubt in his mind. It was perfect!

The Rawhide needed Tipper as soon as possible to report to Visalia to introduce him as the new face of the team. He said goodbye to Chloe, Bucky, and Ferdinand. All the cows wished him luck, and the farmer had him auctioned to California for his big day. Tipper still writes Junior and they stay in touch, but Tipper loves all his new friends he has made going to schools and other appearances throughout Tulare and Kings Counties. In his spare time Tipper visits local dairies to get the cows excited about the Rawhide. He is looking forward to all the Rawhide home games and leading the fans' cheering on the Rawhide this season!