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Bandits Video Archive


The River Bandits put a premium on the entertainment value provided at Modern Woodmen Park, and the Production Department works around the clock to make sure the features you see at River Bandits games are top notch! This section of the website includes the archives of the best of the River Bandits' video content, from commercials to in-game features, community appearances and more!

You can also always catch a variety of River Bandits' videos on the team's YouTube page by clicking here!


"Bill of Rights"
Looking to know the rules of Modern Woodmen Park? Watch this video to find out how to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone.
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"Auto Tune"
Check out this hilarious video, and see what Quad Cities River Bandits tickets can do for your favorite Bandit fan.
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"The Big Three Pitchers"
The big three pitchers and the River Bandits front office offer you a hilarious take with an ESPN style commercial.
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"Fresh Prince Mascot"
Check out Rascal the River Bandit's story. Hear all about his story behind this 'Fresh Prince' remake.
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"Lara Shirt Exchange"
Take a look at another ESPN style commercial, in which Lara requires a River Bandits employee to switch shirts!
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"Player Dance Video"
Take a look at this interesting video of your River Bandits baseball team showing off their dance moves.
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"Samurai Kelsie"
Never touch a fan of the River Bandits tickets. In this video, you'll see what happens when you mess with Samurai Kelsie's Tickets to the game.
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"T-Shirt Toss"
Here's a video of two different types of fans. Here is what to do, and what not to do during the t-shirt toss.
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"The Home Run"
Take a look at another 'not too heavy, not too light' video, showing you the 'right' way to cheer on your River Bandits.
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"2010 Pump-Up Video"
This is how the 2010 River Bandits were getting pumped up for the 2010 season. Check out intern Brian Haberkorn's pump up video.
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"Rascal's Intro Video"
The Quad Cities River Bandits mascot, Rascal, appears in front of thousands every game at Modern Woodmen Park. Check out Rascal's flair for the dramatic in his introduction videos.
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"River Bandits' Comeback Videos"
When the Bandits backs are against the wall and they're searching for inspiration, these videos are what they use to get back into the game.

"Roofman's Villain"
Fan's love the River Bandits' very own superhero, Roofman, who spends his days and nights at Modern Woodmen Park collecting foul balls that fly up to the roof. But every hero must have a villain...
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"Origins of Roofman"
Have you ever wondered how Roofman came to be in the first place? Your answer is just a click away! Watch as the foul ball-catching superhero develops before your very eyes!
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"Origins of Rascal"
It's hard to believe, but there was a time when Rascal the River Bandit was not yet the team's beloved mascot. Watch this video to see how the mischievous raccoon landed his current job!
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"I'm on a Berm!"
Lonely Island, eat your heart out! The River Bandits plunge head first into the world of music videos with "I'm on a Boat," a hilarious Modern Woodmen Park favorite!
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"Where Baseball Happens"
One of Production Manager Shane Huff's finest! Check out this video and then try to tell us you're not ready for Opening Day!
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"Pump-Up Videos"
Nothing gets the crowd pumped up for a ballgame like one of Production Manager Shane Huff's action-packed pump-up videos! Take a look at a few of the best.
Second Half 2009
August 2008
June 2008

"Bandits Cribs"
Check out this video, featuring Bongo the Intern in a spoof of the popular show, "Cribs."
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"Dog Days of Fall"
Welcome to the River Bandits new off-season video series, which we fondly call, "There is No Off-Season!" In the first installment, Rascal tries to prove himself by entering the 33rd annual USA GSD National Championship at Modern Woodmen Park.
Click here and enjoy!

"Flag Football Fun"
The River Bandits off-season video series "There is No Off-Season!" continues. In our second installment, Rascal tries his paws at flag football during the River Bandits final game of the 2009 flag football season.
Click here to see how it goes!


"Bandit Wedding"
Watch this video of Rascal visiting all the vendors to make sure they are ready for the Bandit Wedding coming up.
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"Mega-Candy Drop"
On June 26, 2009, an event unlike any other took place at Modern Woodmen Park. Nearly 1,000 area youngsters gathered for the inaugural Mega-Candy Drop, in which 100 pounds of candy and 100 pounds of marshmallows rained down on the candy-crazed kids. You have to see it to believe it!
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"Blankets and More in the Team Store"
The Modern Woodmen Park Team Store has everything from jerseys, hats and shirts to bobblehead dolls, foam raccoon claws and... you guessed it... blankets!
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"Advanced Ticket Ordering"
The River Bandits want to make it as easy as possible for fans to reserve their seats at Modern Woodmen Park. Advanced ticket ordering over the internet is so easy... even Rascal can do it!
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"Group Outings at Modern Woodmen Park"
River Bandits baseball is always more fun when enjoyed with a group of your best friends, family or coworkers! Take a look at all the great group options available at Modern Woodmen Park.
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"The Best Dizzy Bat Race Ever!"
At Modern Woodmen Park, everything ALWAYS goes as planned. Well, most of the time. Check out this Dizzy Bat Race!
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"As the Bandit Turns..."
This six-part soap opera was a hit at the River Bandits' Soap Opera Night in 2008!
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI


"Advanced Tickets"
Find out why purchasing your tickets online is a great way to save time and the hassle of waiting in line.
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"Birthday Party Packages"
A birthday with the Bandits is a great way to celebrate your most important day of the year. Take a look at this birthday party pitch.
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"Fan Cans"
Take a look at Modern Woodmen Park's and The Quad Cities River Bandits innovative recycling cans.
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"Field of Dreams"
The 'Field of Dreams' package is the best ballpark experience if you like getting close to the action.
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With many different ticketing and group packages available, there's something for everyone wanting to attend a Quad Cities River Bandits game.
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"Kid's Club"
Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained all summer? The Quad Cities River Bandits have the answer!
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"Ticket Packages"
One of the great thing about River Bandits ticket packages, is when you want to save time and money when coming to the games, there's a pack for that!
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"Stop Motion"
Be sure to check out this 'stop motion' commercial featuring merchandise from the River Bandits team store.
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"Thirst-day Thursday"
Take a look at this hilarious Thist-day Thursday take on Biz Markie's classic 'Just a friend.'
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"This is River Bandits Baseball: The Closer"
Take a look at this hilarious, ESPN-style commercial featuring the River Bandits production staff. Sometimes, even the best of the best need a little help finishing the job!
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"This is River Bandits Baseball: Kyle on the Phone"
What happens when you take a Public Address announcer and turn him into an intern? Some things go very smoothly. Others... not so much.
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"This is River Bandits Baseball: The Hat"
The River Bandits have come along way over the last two years. And, apparently, some members of the team don't take kindly to reminders of the past!
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"River Bandits Ticket Packages"
Everybody knows that River Bandits season ticket and mini plan packages are designed to accomodate the busiest of schedules and tightest of wallets. In this hilarious video, we travel back in time to show you all the benefits of being a season ticket holder!
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Named after a 2008 River Bandits intern, this television spot gives the viewer a glimpse of life working at Modern Woodmen Park!
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"Miss Baseball"
This spot came out during the spring of 2008, as Quad Cities baseball fans anxiously awaited the return of River Bandits baseball!
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"Maggie at Jefferson Edison Elementary"
During the fall of '09, River Bandits Director of Community and Client Relations Maggie McCoy made a series of stops at Jefferson Edison Elementary School to teach the junior achievement class called "Our Community." While there, Maggie talked about how to strengthen the community through positive action.
Click here to watch!

"Rascal at Garfield Elementary"
Take a look as Rascal the River Bandit visits the classroom of a very special student at Garfield Elementary!
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"JDRF Walk at the Niabi Zoo"
This past May, members of the River Bandits front office spent a day at the Niabi Zoo for a fundraising event to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Have some fun as we make furry new friends for a great cause!
Click here to watch!

"Andalusia Community Night"
The River Bandits welcome communities from all across the QCA to Modern Woodmen Park each and every year. Take a look at this video created for Andalusia's special night!
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"Mascot Appearances"
Nobody makes more friends than Rascal the Raccoon, who loves to meet new people and see new places!
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"Make-A-Wish 2008"
The River Bandits were proud to partner with the Make-A-Wish foundation to offer to lucky kids an experience of a lifetime!
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New Concession Carts
The River Bandits are always looking to improve the quality of service at Modern Woodmen Park, and new in 2009 are six permanent concession carts that give the ballpark a wider variety of delicious food options - including a Philly Cheesesteak stand and Rudy's Tacos!!!
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River Bandits gear is the hottest in all of baseball, and the Modern Woodmen Park Team Store carries a full line of Banditwear!
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