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July 3, 1991: Five County Stadium is little more than aluminum bleachers and a trailer laid across a tobacco field. Headlights stretch for miles outside the park before the Mudcats' debut and the beginning of baseball in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Twenty-two years later, with the help and funds of Wake County, Five County Stadium is now one of the most spectacular parks in minor league baseball. The stadium is complete with a fine dining restaurant, picnic areas, luxury suites and some of the most unique seating around. It is hard to find a single trace of the original stadium today. The 60-foot-tall scoreboard features a 300-square-foot video board capable of showing three-angle replays, highlights, fans and television broadcasts. Each year the Mudcats and Wake County strive to make our ballpark the friendliest, cleanest and most up to date as we possibly can.

In 2009 Five County Stadium went through another phase of construction. A whole new playing field was installed with a state of the art drainage system. The entire outfield wall was torn down and a brand new one was constructed, with the right field wall much shorter.

In 2010, the Mudcats wanted to continue the face lift of Five County Stadium, as it tends to get a little quiet when baseball is not in play. One big noticeable change is the color of the General Admission section seats. They are now green instead of red, so if you are looking for the general admission seats just look for the green ones. Not so noticeable changes that were made in the past off-season were the updating of the field lighting and the system overhaul of the stadium speakers and sound system.

The Mudcats strive to make every visit of yours to Five County Stadium enjoyable and hopefully you will be able to enjoy all the changes and updates throughout the year. We are very proud of our fine home and wish you a pleasant visit.