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Ground Rules

Ground Rules for Edward A. LeLacheur Park
  • The Outfield wall is 12 feet high and is one single wall.
  • The Left Field Scoreboard is above and separate from the outfield wall.
  • If a batted ball hits the Left Field Scoreboard it is a Home Run.
  • If a batted ball clears the Left Field wall below the Left Field Scoreboard it is a Home Run.
  • There is a green pipe connected to the LF wall and is considered part of the wall.
  • If a batted ball hits the Right Field Scoreboard or the advertising panel below the scoreboard but above the yellow stripe, it is a Home Run.
  • The ball must clear the wall for a Home Run.
  • If the ball hits the upper part of the Jay Gee's sign in LCF, it is part of the wall.  If it goes through the hole, it is a homerun.
  • If the ball hits the giant milk bottle in RCF, it is a homerun.
  • The upper portion (green tarp) of the batter's eye is considered a Home Run when a batted ball hits above the yellow stripe.
  • The field tarp on the 3rd base side is in play unless the ball gets trapped.
  • The Right Field corner has a white line to designate whether or not the ball is in play.
  • The dugouts are out of bounds.
  • The bullpens are in play.
  • If a batted ball lands in fair territory and then bounces into the netting of the Left Field Kids Area it is a Ground Rule Double.
  • If a ball hits a photographer it is at the umpires discretion to award bases.
  • personnel. The sign is well above the PBA minimum requirements for the batter's eye so it is not a violation and play may continue.
Field Measurements
Left Field 337'
Left Center Field 368'
Center Field 400'
Right Center Field 368'
Right Center Field Bend 337'
Right Field 301'