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Orbit Appearance Requests

Interested in Having Orbit at Your Next Event?


Orbit is a large goofy alien that arrived at Isotopes Park for the team's inaugural season back in 2003. This bright orange, yellow, and red jolly giant landed late one night in centerfield and has made Isotopes Park his home ever since.

Standing at about 6'5" (give or take four inches for his antennae) and weighing over 300 lbs, Orbit is hard not to notice. With large floppy ears, friendly eyes, and long snout gives Orbit the appearance of a dog while the large belly resembles a stuffed bear. Fans are always confusing Orbit with one or the other, but fans love the big furry creature no matter what.

Although large, Orbit loves to play all sorts of games. Some of the favorites include tag, hide-and-go-seek, checkers, football, wrestling and of course baseball. Orbit loves to climb on jungle gyms and slide down slides; especially in the Fun Zone at Isotopes Park. Running is one of Orbit's very favorite things to do although it extremely very exhausting afterwards. However, you can also see Orbit running the bases during an Isotopes game!

Orbit can be seen all over Albuquerque at the various appearances throughout the year. Orbit has been in parades, at birthday parties, schools, community events and lots of other places to make people's day. At community appearances, people can't help but laugh at all the crazy antics and clumsy nature.

If you see Orbit walking around Albuquerque make sure to say hi, Orbit wants to meet you; as a creature full of love and joy for everyone. The only wish Orbit has is to make you laugh and create memories that you will have for a lifetime.

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