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Anchor Fund Donation Requests

The Stockton Ports are happy to continue their support of San Joaquin County's fundraising efforts. Our organization makes contributions to non-profit organizations that are located within a 30-mile area of Stockton, CA. We feel we can be most beneficial in the community by keeping our charitable donations close to home. If you are located outside our area, we appreciate your interest in us and regret that we will be unable to fulfill your request. Our policy is to donate once to each non-profit organization per season.

Contact our front office for more information on these opportunities for your group to support Ports baseball. Click here for a Donation Request Form.


Send your donation requests on letterhead by mail to the following:

Stockton Ports
Attn: Donation Request
404 W. Fremont St.
Stockton, CA 95203
Fax (209) 644-1931

All requests must be written or printed and include the following:

1) A self-addressed, stamped envelope
2) Organization's full name, address, phone number and non-profit tax ID number
3) A brief description of the event, when, and where it is
4) Who the event benefits
5) All contact information for the person who is soliciting for the event

Due to the large number of requests that we receive each week, it is greatly appreciated if requests are submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event. Any donation requests made within this time will be considered, but not guaranteed. Accepted donation requests are usually mailed out between one and two weeks upon receiving a request. Only organizations within San Joaquin County and the surrounding area will be considered. We are community-minded and feel we can do the most by building and supporting our local communities.