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Scoreboard Messages


Birthdays - Anniversaries - Group Recognition

Announcements may be purchased for $25.00 per message. Your message will be displayed on the "Ford Board" located in right-field. Messages will be displayed sometime between the 5th and 7th inning. Messages are displayed in the order that they are received and may be displayed once or multiple times.

Messages are limited to 60 characters.

Messages must be placed prior to the first pitch of the game.

Please note: if you are sitting in the U.S. Cellular Pavilion seats in right-field, you will be NOT be able to see these messages.

The Portland Sea Dogs reserve the right to approve all messages.

Contact the Sea Dogs Ticket Office
Phone #: (207) 879-9500
Toll free: (800) 936-3647
Fax # (207) 879-9520