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By the Numbers

Breakdown of Seating Areas
Premium Box seats 970
Box seats 1,482
Reserved seats 3,249
4Topps Tables 120
Luxury suites 21 suites + Super Suite, 625 capacity
Deck/Patio private areas 1,370
Lawn 1,465
Total Capacity 9,281

Playing Field


Distance down the right field line 327 feet
Distance down the left field line 317 feet
Distance - power alleys 375 feet
Distance - center field 402 feet
Height of outfield wall 8 feet
Square footage of turf on the playing field 109,000 square feet
Amount of calcine clay used on the infield 9 tons a season
Amount of chalk used on the baselines 1,750 lbs. a season
Miles mowed 1,400 miles a season




Groundbreaking May 1993
Ballpark opening April 12, 1994
Original name Old Kent Park (through the 2001 season)
Construction cost Originally, $6 million; Including expansions, $10 million
Land occupied 47 acres
Concessions stands 7
Grill areas 3
Elevators 3




Hot dogs served each season 150,000 (more than 14 miles if placed end to end)
Pounds of pork chops served each season 3,500 pounds
Gallons of soda served each season 30,000 gallons
Points of sale 1 per 150 fans (industry standard is 1 per 200 fans)