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Crash The River Rascal


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Hello there, fans, and welcome to my web page! I'm such a vital part of the Whitecaps organization that they've given me my very own web page to do whatever I want! First of all, I'll tell you a little bit about myself.

Crash the River Rascal I was born along the banks of the Grand River, right next to where the ball park now sits. This used to be nothing but wilderness until the Whitecaps came along and built this beautiful ball park. I was just a young rascal way back in the spring of 1994 when I met with the Whitecaps owners. They caught sight of me one day swimming in the river, eating wood (among other things) and entertaining all of my chipmunk, beaver, squirrel and field mouse friends (I got my name from my ability to run into trees and driftwood, and to trip over pretty much anything in my way). They thought I was such a good entertainer (not to mention my good looks) that they drafted me in the first round of the Mascot Draft and made me one of the most important animals...errr, their organization.

So I accepted their gracious and lucrative offer to be the official mascot of this very worthy baseball team and entertain the crowds at Fifth Third Ballpark.

My responsibilities go way beyond just entertaining fans at games, though. I'm responsible for taste-testing every food item that's served here at the park, and let me tell you, that takes up a big part of my day. The pork chop sandwiches are my favorite, but I really love hot dogs and chicken sandwiches too. Especially when the Famous Chicken comes to town. Don't get me wrong - he's a friend of mine, but this is MY ballpark and he tends to think he's more important than me.

Crash the River Rascal Among my other responsibilities are racing a worthy (although short) opponent around the bases in the Crash Dash. I'm 1-959 lifetime through the 2007 season (if you ask the Whitecaps they'll say that I'm 0-750, but I take issue with that disqualification back in 1995. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, but I WASN'T cheating.

I also keep the team on their toes and keep them winning games. A few pep talks from me are all it takes for those players to realize that my river friends and I are just as good at playing ball as they are, and we're ready to step in and take their jobs as soon as the Detroit Tigers call. They're really nice boys, those players, and as you can tell by their record and championships in 1996, 1998, 2004, 2006 & 2007 I do a good job at keeping them playing their best.

I'm also responsible for keeping the other Whitecaps mascot in line - Franky the Swimmin' Pig. He does a good job, but of course I'm the star of the show. Since this is MY web page, I wanted to show you some photos of me in action. I've gone through the TONS of photos the Whitecaps have of me and picked out a few of my favorites for you.

Crash the River Rascal Crash the River Rascal Crash the River Rascal

Crash the River Rascal

Vital Stats:
Height: 6'1" standing, 4'3" sitting
Weight: about as much as 7 or 8 pre-schoolers
Shoe size: 17
Average daily diet: 2 buckets of fish, 5 hot dogs, 4 liters of Pepsi, 3 pork chop sandwiches, and 4 boxes of candy.
Outstanding achievement: 1999 - set career highs in hot dogs eaten during a game (82) and led all Midwest League mascots in autographs signed (1,053,878).