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Youth Sports Outings

Bring Your Youth Team or Organization to the Game!

The SeaWolves offer exciting and memorable experiences for youth teams and organizations. When your group purchases 25 or more tickets, it may be eligible for special perks including the opportunity to take the field with the SeaWolves for the National Anthem! Bring your entire league for a fun night with your players, coaches, and families.

*Field of Dreams, 1-Inning Game and Home Run Derby limited to one team per activity per game.
^1-Inning Game is a Tee Ball or Coach Pitch Experience; HR Derby is for kids 12 & under

Field of Dreams:  Take the field with the SeaWolves for the National Anthem.
High-Five Tunnel:  Give the starting lineup a High Five near the dugout as the SeaWolves take the field.
Between Innings Contest:  2-4 representatives from your group can compete during an inning break activity.
1-Inning Game on the Field:  Tee ball or coach pitch experience in the outfield before the game.
Wiffle HR Derby in the Outfield:  Kids 12 & under can swing for the fences and compete with their teammates.
Deliver Lineup Card:  A representative from your group can present the lineup card to the home plate umpire.
Junior PA Announcer:  A youth representative from your group can introduce SeaWolves batters for a half-inning.

To learn more, contact Brendan O'Neill at (814) 456-1300 or via email.

Little League/Youth Organization Fundraisers:

Have fun and make money for your cause! Non-profit organizations can purchase game tickets for $6 and resell them for $9 each. Pick a specific game or you can sell vouchers redeemable for any Sunday-Thursday regular season game (seating based on availability). The minimum number to start is 100 tickets, but you can add more as you go.

If you elect to sell vouchers, please note that vouchers are not game tickets. Vouchers must be exchanged at the UPMC Park ticket office for an actual game ticket. If an event is sold out, vouchers will not be redeemable for that game. Advance redemption is always advised.

Your organization can earn additional benefits based on the number of tickets/vouchers you sell.

To set up a fundraiser, contact Hunter Horenstein at (814) 456-1300 or via email.