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2009 TV Schedule

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an All-Access Inside Look
into the Buffalo Bisons

In 2009, the Bisons are debuting 'BisonsTV," a new way to get an all-access inside look into the team you love. is always the place to go if you want to find out the most up-to-date information on the team that you love. Now, you can watch your favorite players talk about more than just baseball. We will upload the videos to this page when they are available throughout the season.

Don't forget, BisonsTV will broadcast 37 games this season on TimeWarner Cable SportsNet 13. There will be five games on SportsNet NY. A complete broadcast schedule can be found HERE.

2009 Features

WATCHJuly Highlight Reel: The Bisons had a fantastic July, finishing the month with a winning record. The return of Nick Evans, Argenis Reyes and Andy Green helped support the red-hot Jesus Feliciano and Cory Sullivan in the team's lineup. On the mound, Jonathon Niese and Nelson Figueroa dominated, earning a big league promotion for both players. Check out all the great moments in July in this action packed video.

WATCHPawSox/Bisons Series: The Bisons ended their first winning month of the season the right way -taking three games of a four-game set with the rival Pawtucket Red Sox. But there was plenty more going on in the series than just the games. The Triple-A debut of a budding Red Sox prospect and the return of Chip Ambres against his former team added a lot of intrigue to the series.'s Joel Godett recaps for those who might have missed.

WATCHBisons Pitchers Visit Heroic Kids: Baseball players are often looked up to as heroes, but there are some heroic people that also come in much smaller sizes. Bisons pitchers Jon Switzer and Tim McNab joined Buster T. Bison to visit the brave children of Roswell Park. Bearing fun gifts and friendly handshake or hug, the Herd hurlers hoped to bring a few extra smiles to the kids of Carly's Club.

WATCHRivera Wins Home Run Derby: On Saturday, July 18, the Bisons swept a doubleheader from Toledo by scores of 1-0 and 2-0. Both games were dominated by the pitching of Jonathon Niese and Nelson Figueroa. But while Bisons fans saw great pitching during the games, they saw great power after them. Rene Rivera, Javier Castillo and Chip Ambres put on a show during the team's post game Home Run Derby.

WATCH"I Got a Feeling" Highlight Reel There's just something to being at Coca-Cola Field for a Bisons game. With so many great fans at a beautiful downtown ballpark, you get a special feeling whenever you visit the Herd. There's always so much action on the field an just know that everynight is "Going to be a Good Night!"

WATCHJune Top 10 Plays: The Bisons offense came alive in June, with one of the top averages in the International League. Sluggers like Jesus Feliciano, Cory Sullivan and Michel Abreu all had outstanding months. However, the Bisons' defense continued to take center stage with some miraculous plays on the Coca-Cola Field diamond.

WATCHAnatomy of an Autograph: We all want them, but only a select few can give them. An autograph is as old as baseball itself. It's just a name on a piece of paper, a ball or a bat, but it can be the most prized possession in a baseball fans world. Bisons pitcher Kyle Snyder has written his name a time or two, and gives Bisons fans the tips they need to get a perfect autograph..

WATCHMay Top 10 Plays: The Bisons found their grove a little in May, a month that began with a pair of walk-off wins. The additions of Wily Mo Pena and Mike Lamb added pop to the line up, while prospect Fernando Martinez took the league by storm. An extra-base hit machine, Martinez quickly found his way to New York by month's end...but did he find himself in May's Top 10 Plays?

WATCHDarryl Strawberry Appearance: DAR-RYL...DAR-RYL...The 'Straw that Stirs the Drink,' Mets' legendary slugger Darryl Strawberry came to Coca-Cola Field on Saturday, May 23. Before the Bisons gave away a bobble head of the World Series champion, Strawberry talked about his career, his upcoming book release and the New York Mets organization.

WATCHVote For Sully: Right now, Cory Sullivan is spending his time running around the bases at Coca-Cola Field. But when his baseball career eventually ends, the outfielder is looking to run for something a little more political. The World Series veteran is passionate about government, and as Joel Godett found out, could soon join the ranks of former athletes in office.

WATCHApril Top 10 Plays: The Buffalo Bisons began their 124th season of professional baseball by re-affiliating with the New York Mets. It all started on Thursday, April 9 as the team hosted the Pawtucket Red Sox. Throughout the month, great plays from Jesus Feliciano, Cory Sullivan, Robinson Cancel and more kept Bisons fans on the edge of their seats.


A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s - Bisons Basics from the Best

WATCHThe Change Up - Tobi Stoner: Apparently,'s Joel Godett is tired of being a one-pitch pitcher. We guess he needs something to compliment his batting-practice fastball. Joel calls on Herd hurler Tobi Stoner for some advice on how to throw a change up. Do it right, and it is one of the most devasting pitches in baseball, sure to keep hitters off-balance. Learn from one of the best on how to throw this pitch.

WATCHBlocking - Rene Rivera:'s Joel Godett thinks he's ready to take his baseball career to the next level. Let's be honest here, he's still a few skills away from being able to join the professional ranks. But while he can't be a Bison, why not learn from one. Joel begins a series called Bisons Basics, where he reaches out to team for a few tips of wisdom. To start, Joel talks to catcher Rene Rivera to find out the proper way to block a pitch in the dirt.


Road Trip -Behind the Scenes

WATCHEpisode 7: Well, the roadtrip came to a premature end in Norfolk, VA. Rains washed out the Herd's series finale against the Tides, leaving Harbor Park more like a harbor and less like a baseball field. Joel still brought the heavy artillery for this episode, including a visit to Norfolk's Naval Museum and a quick stop off to the Battleship Wisconsin. Our weary traveler then signs off as he joins the Bisons on their trip back to Western New York...Just another roadtrip in the life of a minor leaguer.

WATCHEpisode 6: While Joel and the Bisons are in Norfolk for their lone visit this year, it's not the first time the Mets have been in the harbor city. The Amazins called Norfolk their Triple-A home for 38 seasons, a relationship that didn't end until three years ago. Joel catches up with Tides GM Dave Rosenfield as well as the person who was the Tides last manager during the Mets tenure. We guess you are going to recognize who that was..

WATCH Episode 5: Day 4 in Durham and Joel finds a common link to the home of the Bulls and the Bisons...they were both the scene for a famous baseball movie. Joel checks out Durham Athletic Park -home to smash hit Bull Durham- only to find an old park in the process of getting a new look. Then, after a short bus ride north, Joel finds himself in Norfolk where he decides to check out one of the East Coast's most beautiful cities.

WATCHEpisode 4: Day 3 in North Carolina, and while Durham is home to the Bulls, there's a non-professional team in the area that might take top billing. Just a few miles away is Duke University home of the legendary Blue Devils men's hoops team and another National Championship club. Too bad Joel forgot it was a Sunday. But cut him some slack...He's in town for the first time. Guess He should've asked the advice of someone returning to the Bisons LHP Jon Switzer.

WATCHEpisode 3: Day 2 in Durham...and apparently there's no rest of the travel-weary. The Bisons hit the gym during the day, using a local Downtown YMCA to do a little early work. Good thing too, as the Bisons are not only up against the Bulls, but the famed "Blue Monster" of Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Buffalo's Wily Mo Pena has experience with it as well as it's 'brother-wall' in Fenway and talks about how to conquer the beast.

WATCHEpisode 2: Joel Godett and the Bisons are in Durham for the start of a four-game series against the Bulls. While the flight to North Carolina covers a few states, the walk from the hotel to Durham Bulls Athletic Park is a common pleasure for visiting players. Joel takes the journey with Eddie Kunz and Jason Cooper just hours before the Herd explodes for a big win over the Bulls.

WATCHEpisode 1: Welcome to Behind the Scenes Road Trip. We gave Joel Godett his own camera and told him to show you what baseball life is like when the team's not in Buffalo. It all starts before most Bisons fans are awake, getting ready for an early morning flight to Durham, NC. The sun isn't up, but Joel is to introduce you to our seven-part series.

2008-2009 Off-Season

WATCHBisons/Mets Press Conference: Bisons owners Bob and Mindy Rich are joined at the podium and on the field by Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon, Executive Vice President and General Manager Omar Minaya (far left) and several political dignitaries to make the big announcement. The Mets also announced that they donated $25,000 to the Buffalo Bisons high school adoption of the Buffalo public high school baseball program.

WATCHWATCH SportsNet New York: The SNY cameras were rolling, as well. The official "Home of All Things NY Sports," SNY came to Buffalo as the Mets began their partnership with the Bisons