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Ballpark Facts






Groundbreaking: May 18,2005
Architect: L. Robert Kimball and Associates (Ebensburg, PA)
Contractor: Barton Malow (Roswell, GA)
Total Cost of Construction: $31.1 million
Dynamite Charges Used During Construction: 3,000
Pounds of Rock Removed During Construction: 22,700,000
Cubic Feet of Concrete in Footprint of Ballpark: 27,000
Seating Capacity: 5,570
Rail Kings Seats: 20
Diamond Club Seats: 1,943
Field Box Seats: 1,142
Bullpen Box Seats: 928
Outfield Bleacher Seats: 490
Luxury Suites: 20 Suites (18 Full Season, 2 Rentals) - 4,840 Square Feet
Clubhouse Spaces: 18,230 Square Feet (includes PSU, Spikes, and Visitors)
State College Spikes Offices: 3,225 Square Feet
PSU Baseball Offices: 800 Square Feet
Press Box: 2,500 Square Feet
Batting Cages: 5,000 square feet
Playing Field: 140,600 square feet
Pepsi Picnic Pavilion (Left Field): 52 feet by 192 feet
Left Field Kids Zone: 44 feet by 220 feet
Right Field Fun Deck: 48 feet by 120 feet
Restrooms: 9 (five on main concourse, three on field level, one on luxury suite level)
Concession Stands: 6
Televisions: 50
ATM: National Penn Bank ATM (located in Off the Rack Outfitters)




LF: 325' LCF: 378' National Penn Nook: 410' CF: 399' RCF: 375' RF: 320'
LF Fence Height (in front of Pepsi Picnic Pavillion): 7'
OF Fence Height: 8'
RF Fence Height: 18.55' - Commemorating the year in which Penn State was founded
Concourse Width: 40 feet
Seat Width: 19 to 21 inches
Aisle Width: 33 to 42 inches


The State College Spikes, in partnership with Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc., have made Medlar Field at Lubrano Park a tobacco-free area. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Medlar Field at Lubrano Park. Those wishing to smoke must do so in the designated areas outside the ballpark gates. Fans wishing to smoke during the game must obtain a hand stamp to exit and re-enter the ballpark.