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Social Networking

Connect with the Boise Hawks


Humphrey, like most other birds, has long been twittering from his nest high in the Idaho foothills; but since it became popular for humans to tweet too, Humphrey and the rest of the Boise Hawks have decided to jump into the world of social media. And we want YOU to join us!

Through our LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter updates and links you will be able to stay up-to-the-minute on all the Hawks and Rockies news.

Want more in-depth coverage of the Hawks? Check out the HawksTownUSA blog under the "Hawks Advanced Media" section of the "Multimedia" tab. You will have access to exclusive interviews with the Hawks players and coaching staff and get an insiders look at your favorite Boise baseball team. 


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YouTube: Watch Hawks videos year round on the Boise Hawks YouTube Channel.

LinkedIn: For a look at the Hawks from a business perspective join our Connection Marketing group.