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Sushi Mascots

In 2008, the Vancouver Canadians unveiled a trio of characters who took the city's baseball fans by storm and had them sitting on the edge of their seat each and every night!

Simply known as the Canadians Sushi Races, our three Sushi Mascots go head-to-head for sushi supremacy in the 4th inning and help bring a creative and local signature to Nat Bailey Stadium that can only be seen at a Vancouver Canadians game.

With Ms. BC Roll, Mr. Kappa Maki and the sinister Chef Wasabi racing around the ballpark, Canadians fans have three distinct and fun characters to cheer for that are all familiar to many here in the Northwest.

Fans enjoyed watching both Ms. BC Roll and Mr. Kappa Maki win their fair share of races in 2008, but nothing beat the eruption from the crowd when Chef Wasabi finally won his first race on the final day of the season! After 37 games of cheating, tricking the other contestants and hanging around Bob Brown Bear, the Canadians Mascot, Chef Wasabi finally buckled down and won his first ever race in the nick of time!

Let's introduce you to the three contestants:

Ms. BC Roll:

Height: 6'6"
Weight: Who's asking?
Favorite Food: Ummm, is that a trick question?
Hobbies: Figuring out ways to beat Chef Wasabi!
Record in 2008 Races: 15-23 (.395)

Mr. Kappa Maki:

Height: 6'8"
Weight: I wait for no one!!!
Favorite Food: Something with seaweed, rice and cucumber
Hobbies: Helping take down Chef Wasabi!
Record in 2008 Races: 22-16 (.579)

Chef Wasabi:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: Less than Ms. BC Roll
Favorite Food: I eat Kappa Maki and BC Roll for breakfast!
Hobbies: Being a mean, green racing machine!
Record in 2008 Races: 1-37 (.003)

Join us out at Nat Bailey Stadium all summer long to enjoy Vancouver Canadians Baseball as well as the coolest race in town, the Canadians Sushi Races.