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Ballpark A-Z

Built: 1926
Capacity: 2,500
Dimensions: LF- 323'
Dimensions: CF- 411'
Dimensions: RF- 331'
Surface: Grass


Address and Phone
The Crosscutters offices are located at BB&T Ballpark. The mailing address is : P.O. Box 3173, Williamsport, PA 17701. The phone number is (570)326-3389. Email can be sent to For more contact information, please see the 'About' page on this site.

Accommodations for Guests with Disabilities
Seating for guests with disabilities and their escorts is available throughout the stadium. Space is limited. All handicapped areas are reserved seating. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from any Crosscutters usher or staff member.

Advanced Ticket Sales
Single game tickets may be purchased online, over the phone, or at the Box Office during regular business hours. American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. To order by phone, call (570)326-3389. The Box Office at BB&T Ballpark is open M-F 10am-5pm, and on game days from 10am until the 7th inning. See our ticket options.

Alcoholic Beverages
Beer and wine coolers are available at BB&T Ballpark. ALL guests are required to show proper age ID to purchase or consume alcohol. Crosscutters management reserves the right to deny beverage service to and guest that appears intoxicated. Alcohol sales close nightly at the end of the 7th inning.

With the exception of seeing eye dogs or other animal assistants to the disabled or visually impaired, animals are not permitted into the ballpark, except at Bark in the Park!

You can have special announcements made at all Cutters' games by filling out an announcement form available in the Fan Center, or you can text your message during the game. All announcements must be turned in before the end of the 3rd inning. Entering the press box for any reason is strictly prohibited. Time permitting, your message will appear on the scoreboard.

ATM Machine
For the convenience of our guests, an ATM is located in the Sawmill Team Store.

Crosscutters' players will happily sign autographs before and after each game when time and league regulations permit. Prior to each game, selected Cutters players will sign in the autograph booth located in the main concourse. Fans are not permitted to enter the field for autographs or request autographs during the game. We are unable to provide autographs or meet and greets on an individual basis.

Autographed Baseballs
Crosscutters players sign hundreds of baseballs and other items for charities over the course of a season through the "Cutters Community Care Network" program. Due to the large number of requests, the club is unable to provide autographed baseballs or souvenirs on an individual basis. For more information see "Donations".

Bus Service
River Valley Transit provides transportation to and from all Friday night home games. For information or a bus schedule call (570)326-2500.

Cameras and Video Recorders
Fans are permitted to bring cameras and camcorders into the stadium for personal use only. Taping of game footage is strictly prohibited, as is obstructing the views of other fans watching the game. Tripods are not permitted. The Crosscutters reserve the right to remove and guests that do not cooperate with this policy.

Carry-In Items
New York-Penn League rules strictly prohibit cans, bottles, food or beverages of any king being brought into the ballpark. Infant bottles and items necessary for medical purposes are permitted.

Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians and must obey all stadium rules. No running is permitted in the stands or in any area of BB&T Ballpark.

Contest Entry
Selected contest entry forms can be found in the Cutters Souvenir Program. Completed entries may be deposited in the appropriate box at the Cutters Fan Center located in the Main Concourse. Other contestants are picked at random in the stadium.

Credit Card Policy
The Crosscutters accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards at the Box Office, Concession areas and the Sawmill Team Store.

Distribution of Materials
All of the following are expressly prohibited on the property of BB&T Ballpark/Memorial Park and the parking areas that surround it on game days: Distribution of leaflets or other printed materials to fans or on cars, distribution of products or performing of services, whether for consideration or free, taking surveys or otherwise interfering with the free movement of guests, unless expressly permitted by the Williamsport Crosscutters.

Donations and Door Prizes
Charities and other non-profit groups requesting donations or door prizes (including tickets) from the Crosscutters should submit a written request on event letterhead. Please allow at least 1 month for the requests to be handled. See Donation Requests.

Double Header Rain Check Policy
If one legal game is played, no rain checks will be issued even if the second game is rained out or suspended.

Beiter's Family Section Seating
A no-alcohol seating area is available for fans. It is located in the Stadium Reserved section (2nd level) located directly behind home plate. Fans sitting in this special section are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a family atmosphere at the ballpark. Anyone found to be consuming alcohol or using profanity in this section will be asked to move or possibly leave the ballpark.

Fan Conduct
BB&T Ballpark is a fan-friendly, family environment. Guests must refrain from conduct deemed inconsistent with such an environment. Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest. Repeated offenses will result in the loss of attendance privileges for the remainder of the season. If you observe a problem, please contact the nearest staff member.

Fan Interference
In the interest of fan and player safety, the Crosscutters management maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding fan interference with a ball in play or a player during the game. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from BB&T Ballpark and possible criminal sanctions.

Fan Mail
Mail for Crosscutters players and personnel can be sent to the address above. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if a reply is requested.

In the event first-aid services are needed, please immediately alert a Crosscutters usher or staff member, or report to the Fan Center located in the Main Concourse.

Foul Balls
Fans may keep the foul balls they catch. Please do not interfere with a ball in play. Unfortunately, the Crosscutters are unable to accommodate requests for player autographs of foul balls.

Foul Ball/Bat Warning
Guests assume all risks and dangers inherent in and incidental to attending a baseball game, whether occuring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual play, including but not limited to injury from thrown or batted balls, thrown bats or fragments thereof, promotional items entering the stands or other areas and spectators conduct. Accordingly, neither the Crosscutters nor their opponent nor any of their respective players, nor the City of Williamsport, Philadelphia Phillies, New York-Penn League, BB&T Bank nor their respective owners, employees, independent contractors and agents shall in any way be liable for injuries or loss resulting from such causes. Guests must be vigilant at all times and must recognize the many elements that can distract their attention from the game, including but not limited to the scoreboard and the activities of the Cutters' mascot and others. For your safety and protection, Crosscutters management asks that you focus your attention on the playing field at all times. Please pay particular attention to small children not watching the game.

Gates Open
Stadium gates open one hour prior to game time. The MVP Gate will open 2 hours prior to game time. This entrance gate is open ONLY to Season Ticket Holders or those with tickets to Loggers Landing. This gate closes 30 minutes after first pitch.

Guest Services
the Cutters Fan Center is located in the Main Concourse and is the area to pick up prizes, check in to submit suggestions, get your questions answered and much more. Stop by and see one of our friendly representatives. The Cutters Fan Center is open from the time the gates open until 15 minutes after the game ends.

Lost and Found
Any items found should be turned in at the Cutters Fan Center. Any items lost may be claimed there as well.

National Anthem
All auditions are help prior to the season.

The Crosscutters offer free parking at BB&T Ballpark. A preferred parking lot operated by the City of Williamsport carries a $2 per game charge. Handicapped parking is available in both areas. A valid placard or hang-tag is required. Fans assume all risks in all parking areas in and around BB&T Ballpark/Memorial Park. Cutting Edge Baseball, Inc., The Williamsport Crosscutters, nor the City of Williamsport is responsible for stolen items or damage to your car including the risk of foul balls and windshields having a unfortunate meeting.

Prize Pick-Ups
All contest winners can claim their prizes at the Cutters' Fan Center.

Promotional Item/Giveaway Policy
We ask that all fans understand that all premium items/giveaways will be limited to the age, gender and quantity restrictions listed in our advertisement. Please understand that in order for us to serve our fans in attendance, only those attending the actual game may receive an item upon passing through the gates, and all items will be limited to one per eligible fan. Extra tickets for a game may not be redeemed for giveaway items.

Radio Broadcasts
All Crosscutters games are broadcast on Fox Sports Radio 1050 AM and 92.7 FM. In addition, all games can be heard online at

Rain Check/Refund Policy
A complete game consists of 4 1/2 innings if the Cutters are ahead, and 5 innings if the Cutters are trailing or the score is tied. If a game is postponed before that point, fans can exchange their game ticket stub for a future game ticket of equal or lesser value.

In accordance with New York-Penn League rules, and for the safety of all patrons, there is a strict no re-entry policy in effect at BB&T Ballpark. Emergency cases are handled at the Front Gates.

Mens and womens restrooms are located on the main concourse. All restrooms are easily accessible to handicapped patrons. Each restroom is equipped with a changing table for infants. A family restroom is also located on the main concourse.

Season Tickets/MVP Club Plans
Williamsport Crosscutters season tickets, as well as other partial season plans, are available by calling the Cutters offices at (570) 326-3389. Ticket information is available at

Signs and Banners
The Crosscutters encourage fans to support the team with signs and banners. Signs and banners must contain no advertising, be in good taste, and not obstruct the view of other fans or cover existing stadium signage. The Cutters reserve the right to remove any banner displayed at the ballpark.

Smoking Policy
For the health and comfort of our fans, and in accordance with State Law, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of BB&T Ballpark, including the Cutters Cove picnic deck, UPMC Susquehanna Loggers Landing, and all concourse areas. Those wishing to smoke may do so in the designated area just outside the main gate.

Souvenirs and gift items are available at the Sawmill Team Store located in the Main Concourse. The store is open on non-game days, Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm. Fans may also purchase souvenirs online by clicking on the 'Shop' link on the front page of this site.

Speakers Bureau
Members of the Williamsport Crosscutters staff will gladly speak to any group about Minor League Baseball and the Crosscutters. There is no charge for speaking engagements. Call (570)326-3389 to schedule your speaker.

BB&T Ballpark welcomes fans that bring and utilize their own strollers. However, their use should in no way inhibit general fan movement or block aisles.

There are no public telephones at BB&T Ballpark.

Ticket Policies
There are no exchanges or refunds once a game ticket has been purchased.

Weather Updates
Should there be threatening weather conditions, tune to Fox Sports Radio 1050 AM, 92.7 FM, or other area radio stations. Each station is kept informed of Crosscutters decisions and will be the first to know if a game has been postponed. Also, will provide updates on postponements, as well as Cutters social media channels. See more weather information.

Wheelchair Service
Wheelchairs are available for emergency use only. Fans in need of a wheelchair should go to the Cutters Fan Center or contact any stadium usher.