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Fundraising Options

fans sitting on the bermBerm Bucks Coupons

The Round Rock Express offers nonprofit organizations the opportunity to sell Express tickets as a fundraising effort from January-September every year. Each Berm Bucks coupon sheet contains six lawn seating tickets, which are good for any regular season game*.

The organization sells each coupon sheet for $20 ($48 retail value). The organization keeps $10, while the other $10 is returned to the Round Rock Express.

Up to 100 Berm Bucks sheets can be requested during a two-month timeframe to sell the tickets. After the initial 100 coupon sheets are sold and the money is turned in to the Express, an organization can request an additional amount of sheets. By selling all 100 sheets, the participating organization has the potential of bringing in $1,000 for their cause!

Organizations must provide proof of their 501(c)3 status to be eligible to participate.

The Berm Bucks ticket fundraiser offers fans the opportunity to enjoy a great game while supporting a great organization. For more information, please email Elisa Fogle.

*Subject to availability. Excludes Independence Day Celebration.

Discounted online ticket code

Another way to raise money with the Express is through a discounted online ticket code specific to your organization. To participate, you will need to do the following:

  • Pick a date - Go the the "Schedule" tab and choose an Express home game
  • Create a code - Determine what your code will be (example: Express or roundrock)
  • Choose a seating area (or select both)
    • Lawn Seating - $2 from every $5 ticket sold goes back to your organization
    • Reserved Seating - $3 from every $11 ticket sold goes back to your organization
  • Email us with your 501(c)3 and the information above
  • Send out your activated code with instructions (provided by the Express) to your network and encourage people to purchase tickets for that game using the code given!

After the game has been played, your Express representative will inform you of the amount you raised and we will cut your organization a check. Your organization must sell at least 20 tickets on a code in order to qualify for funds raised. Other restrictions apply. For more information, email us.