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Dinger's Kids Club


Dinger Appearances


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Dinger's Story

ON A COLD blustery night 14 winters ago, strange sounds began echoing through the air at the Raley Field construction site. The odd noises led members of the River Cats front office down the path leading underneath the Tower Bridge. There, on the bank of the river, was the oddest sight ... a distraught and very large cat was sitting on a rock.

The River Cats staff cautiously approached the enormous cat and asked if they could be of assistance. The cat turned with a large comforting smile. "Hello, my name is Dinger and I live here on the river," he said. I hope I didn't scare you. I really love having fun and entertaining people."

When the River Cats staff members returned to the office, Dinger was all they could talk about. He was gentle and kind, but seemed a bit lonely. It wasn't long before Dinger showed up at Raley Field. It turned out he was a huge baseball fan and always dreamed about being a baseball player. The River Cats staff saw his passion and love for baseball and young fans. His energy and fun personality was a perfect fit for the official mascot of the Sacramento River Cats.

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Tail of the Tape

Small Star Home: Tower Bridge
Small Star Height: 6 Hairballs tall
Small Star Weight: 180 pounds
Small Star Number: 00
Small Star Bats: Afraid of them!!!
Small Star Throws: Hot dogs into the crowd
Small Star College: De Paw University
Small Star His Crush: Hello Kitty
Small Star Favorite Song: Three Blind Mice
Small Star Favorite Actor: Garfield
Small Star Pet Peeve: Kitty littering
Small Star Best Advice: Keep your eye on the hairball
Small Star Favorite Joke: What is better than a no-hitter? ... A Purr-fect Game