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Dinger-appearances.jpgDinger's Story


On a cold stormy evening in the year 2000, Dinger was in need of a new shelter. The oversized river cat was living under the Tower Bridge at the time and his home had been severely damaged due to the storms. Dinger was sad and cold and needed to find a new shelter to call home. He gathered his belongings and headed out into the storm. Dinger decided to head west and see if he could find a warm and dry place to call home.

Sauntering swiftly through the storm, Dinger stumbled upon a new construction site and decided he would take a look around. When Dinger entered the construction site, he discovered that they were building a Baseball Stadium! This lifted Dinger's spirit because his favorite sport was baseball! While walking around in the stadium, a kind looking man from the office stopped Dinger in his tracks. That man was Art Savage. Mr. Savage asked Dinger "what are you doing here?" Dinger wrote down on his note pad, "My house was just destroyed by the storm and I am looking for somewhere to warm up and call home." Mr. Savage replied "I will let you stay under the stadium until the storm passes." Dinger was so thankful and happy that he had found a place to stay and catch some rest.

The next morning when Dinger woke up, he stretched his legs and was greeted by Mr. Savage. "Did you sleep alright Dinger?" asked Mr. Savage. Dinger nodded his head with joy. Mr. Savage went on and said "I am the owner of the Sacramento River Cats, and we are looking for a mascot for our baseball team, and I think you are the right cat for the job." Dinger wrote down "I would be honored to be the mascot of the Sacramento River Cats." From that day on Dinger has called Raley Field his home.

For information about Dinger appearances, email or call Rhett Holland 916-376-4754.

Click here for a Dinger Request Form (PDF)

Please return request form to:
Attn: Dinger Request
400 Ballpark Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Or fax completed form to: 916-376-4710 (attn: Dinger Request)

*Requests are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis and require a 3 week notice. All appearances are subject to the Sacramento River Cats approval, and based on the nature of the event, a fee may be determined. The client must provide secured parking and a dressing room for Dinger.


Tail of the Tape

Small Star Home: Tower Bridge
Small Star Height: 6 Hairballs tall
Small Star Weight: 180 pounds
Small Star Number: 00
Small Star Bats: Afraid of them!!!
Small Star Throws: Hot dogs into the crowd
Small Star College: De Paw University
Small Star His Crush: Hello Kitty
Small Star Favorite Song: Three Blind Mice
Small Star Favorite Actor: Garfield
Small Star Pet Peeve: Kitty littering
Small Star Best Advice: Keep your eye on the hairball
Small Star Favorite Joke: What is better than a no-hitter? ... A Purr-fect Game