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Front Office Directory



Craig SteinCraig Stein
Managing Partner 

28th season
Scott HunsickerScott Hunsicker
General Manager 
23rd season
610-375-8469 x 201
Ashley PetersonAshley Peterson
Assistant General Manager 
15th season 
610-375-8469 x 225
Joe BialekJoe Bialek
Director of Sales 
16th season 
610-375-8469 x 203
Kris HaverKristyne Haver, CPA
13th season 
610-375-8469 x 209
Dan DouglasDan "Dirt" Douglas
Head Groundskeeper 
24th season 
610-375-8469 x 212
Kevin SklenarikKevin Sklenarik
Director of Baseball Operations and Merchandise
19th season 
610-375-8469 x 216
Matt JacksonMatt Jackson
Director of Graphic Arts & Game Entertainment 
16th season 
610-375-8469 x 215
Eric FreemanEric Freeman 
Director of Food & Beverage
1st season  
610-375-8469 x 208
Mike RobinsonMike Robinson
Director of Community Relations & Internship Coordinator 
12th season 
610-375-8469 x 229
Andy KauffmanAndy Kauffman
Video Director
12th season 
610-375-8469 x 210
Deneen GiesenDeneen Giesen
Office Manager 
13th season 
610-375-8469 x 226
Anthony PignettiAnthony Pignetti
Assistant Director of Sales
5th season 
610-375-8469 x 223
Jon MuldowneyJon Muldowney
Director of Group Sales
6th season 
610-375-8469 x 222
Tim McGeeTim McGee
Director of Ticket Operations
9th season 
610-375-8469 x 244
Tonya PetrunakTonya Petrunak
Director of Business Development
5th season 
610-375-8469 x 243
Todd HunsickerTodd Hunsicker
Director of Educational Programs, Music, & Game Presentation
5th season 
610-375-8469 x 206
Eric ScarcellaEric Scarcella
Director of PR / Media Relations
9th season 
610-375-8469 x 218/245
Andrew NelsonAndrew Nelson
Fundraising Manager / Sales Rep.
4th season  
610-375-8469 x 246
Jon NallyJon Nally
Group Sales Manager
3rd Season  
610-375-8469 x 242
Travis HartTravis Hart
Concessions Manager/Season Ticket Sales Rep.
2nd season  
610-375-8469 x 211
Brian HoeperBrian Hoeper
Operations Manager
1st season  
610-375-8469 x 205
Stephanie ShukerStephanie Shuker
Merchandising Manager
1st season 
610-375-8469 x 214