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Fundraising Programs

Ticket Book Fundraiser


10% Back Fundraiser



Ticket Book Fundraiser

Easier than selling sandwiches, candy, or cookies, and you'll make more money.

Earning Commission
Participating organizations sell Reading Fightin Phils ticket books containing six general admission tickets good for any home game. Your organization sells the books for $27 ($48 value - Discounted to $27). Your organization will receive $9.00 from every ticket book sold.


How Does It Work?
The members of your organization "sell" the ticket books - all they need to do is collect the name and addresses of those people who want a book and list it on their order form. You then send the order sheets to the Reading Fightin Phils and we take over all the hard work from there - by mailing out the ticket books, invoices and payment return envelopes to the names & addresses given to us. The Reading Fightin Phils keep careful records of payment and send your organization $9 for every ticket book sold when we receive payment. Your organization and individual sellers will not be responsible for handling any tickets or money - It's really that easy! 

(Optional: If your organization chooses to pre-collect payment we will immediately send your fundraising leader a commission check upon receiving the money. Again, this is optional - you need not worry about money collection unless you prefer to do so).


Cool Rewards for Sellers
Your organization and sellers get something

· Four or more books sold = Receive a Reading Fightin Phils cap

· Ten or more books sold = A VIP package (throw out a ceremonial first pitch and a autographed baseball)

· Twenty-five or more books sold = A Reading Fightin Phils replica jersey.


Economic Model 

50 People in Your Civic Group or Other Organization . Each participant sells an average of just 5 ticket books, that's 250 ticket books sold.

250 ticket books sold x $9 per book to your organization: Your organization receives $2,250 for the fundraiser.

500 children in your youth league, school, or other organization .

If each participant sells an average of just 3 ticket books (Many kids will sell 15 or 20 books) that's 1,500 ticket books sold.

1,500 ticket books sold x $9 per book to your organization: Your organization receives $13,500 for the fundraiser.

Remember, we mailed out the books, mailed the invoice, collected the money, did all the hard work. Your participants simply signed people up to buy the books and you receive a check for your organization.


You Collect the Money as You Take the Orders - and Your Organization Makes $10.00 for Every Book Sold...

You can earn additional money for your fundraising efforts simply by pre-collecting all the money for the ticket books at the time they are sold. You would then turn in the order forms with the money, and we would immediately mail the ticket books out to the people. By selecting this pre-collection option, your organization will receive $10 for every ticket book, instead of the normal $10 per ticket book when we worry about mailing the invoices and collecting the money.

By making sure all orders are pre-paid, you maximize your organizations profits - as every book is sure to be paid for. When invoicing people, there is a small percentage who fail to mail in the $27 payment. By collecting the $27 ahead of time, you guarantee receiving $10 for every ticket book sold - no invoices will go uncollected.)


The Choice is Yours - Both Methods Work Great.

· Let the Reading Fightin Phils worry about collecting all the money, receive $9 per Ticket Book Sold

· Collect the money at the time you sell the ticket book, receive $10 per Ticket Book Sold. 


Download Fundraising Books

Please email Andrew Nelson at , or call (610) 375-8469 ext. 246. 


10% Back Fundraiser

The Reading Fightin Phils are excited to announce our NEW Fightin' for a Cause: 10% BACK Fundraiser. 100% Fun and 10% Back.

This is a very unique opportunity to raise money for your school organization ALL while enjoying a fun night at the ballpark with family and friends.

In order to purchase tickets for a night out at FirstEnergy Stadium with your family and friends in support of your school/organization, please select your school/organization name from the alphabetical list below. 10% of every reserved or box seat purchased by using the link below will be donated back to your organization. Tickets ordered by any other means are not eligible for the 10% donation.
Space is limited, so you MUST reserve your seats in advance of the game date. Same day purchases will not count toward the donated amount.

If your school does not appear on the above list, or if you have questions, please contact Group Sales Associate Zach Haas to register today! You can email or call 610-370-BALL, ext 221.

We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark!

Check out the Current List of School/Organizations You can Help