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Meet Sluggo

Once upon a time, in the thick trees of Spencer Butte, a furry green bear named Sluggo was born. After finding an abandoned pair of binoculars one day, Sluggo found himself intrigued by something happening in the city sprawled below him...BASEBALL.

But not just any baseball - Emeralds Baseball. Sluggo loved to sit up on the butte and watch the Emeralds stomp their competition, hitting home runs over the fence and making sliding catches in the outfield.

"One of these days, I'm going to play for the Emeralds", thought the fur ball.

But there was only one problem: none of the other players had Emerald colored green hair.

"I would stick out like a sore thumb if I were on the team, he thought to himself. Maybe I could do something else for them?"

He had heard of other forest creatures working for teams as a mascot.

"Hmmm, a mascot...that would be perfect! They get to have more fun than the players anyway: play practical jokes at the ballpark, make up silly skits, and perform in front of the whole stadium! Plus, I would be able to live at the ballpark! How awesome is that?! There, it's decided. I will be the new mascot for the Eugene Emeralds!"

Well...that's the story Sluggo likes to tell anytime he meets new people at the ballpark or in the community.

Become his friend, and check out what else Sluggo has to say on his Facebook page!