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Ground Rules

Ground rules for games played at Greer Stadium are as follows:


  • Any thrown ball hitting any portion of the screen in back of home plate is IN PLAY.



  • Any thrown ball hitting the dugout railing, netting, or foundation and rebounding onto the field is IN PLAY
  • A fairly batted or thrown ball that goes into the dugout or camera well or strikes equipment on the dugout steps is considered in the dugout and OUT OF PLAY



  • Any batted ball hitting a foul pole above the fence line is a HOME RUN.



  • The outfield wall is two-tiered from the left field foul pole to the batter's eye.
  • Any ball striking the upper section (above the yellow line) on the fly is a HOME RUN, regardless of whether or not the ball re-enters the playing field.
  • A bouncing ball striking the upper section of the wall is a GROUND-RULE DOUBLE, regardless of whether or not the ball re-enters the playing field.
  • The center field batter's eye is a solid wall and any ball hitting it at any height remains IN PLAY.
  • The outfield wall is single-tiered from the right of the batter's eye to the right field foul pole. Any ball clearing the wall on the fly is a HOME RUN. Any ball bouncing over the wall is a GROUND-RULE DOUBLE.
  • The wall in right-center is shortened (6') and abuts a picnic area; fan interference is POSSIBLE.



  • Bullpens on each side are IN PLAY. 
  • All pitchers in the bullpen must make every effort to get out of the way to allow the opposing player to make a catch or play if the ball in that area.



  • A player can lean on the tarp, but he cannot elevate to make a play.



  • Balls stuck in the pads behind home plate or in foul territory are still in play. The pads are designed to give, and should a ball get stuck, it can be easily retrieved.



LF - 327'
Left-Center - 375'
CF - 400'
Right-Center - 375'
RF - 327'

Fence - 8' high from LF to R-C [except dead center, where batters eye is 24' (three-tier)]; 6' high in RF