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Front Office Staff

Donald Moore
President and General Manager
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Katie Dannemiller
Vice President of Baseball Operations
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Benjamin Martin
Chief Financial Officer
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Jake Holloway
Assistant General Manager/Head Groundskeeper
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Tim Vangel
Assistant General Manager, Sales and Marketing
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Jessica Blake
Office Administrator
Show Bio | Email Jessica

Rosalee Brewer
Sales Associate
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Erich Dietz
Director of Ticket Sales
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Tim Hardin
Director of Stadium Operations
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Stephen Johnson
Sales Associate
Show Bio | Email Stephen

Kaid Musgrave
Assistant Groundskeeper
Show Bio | Email Kaid

Todd Olson
Senior Sales Associate
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Brooke Robinson
Coordinator, Promotions and Community Relations
Show Bio | Email Brooke

Shawn Russell
Director of Production and Entertainment
Show Bio | Email Shawn

Austin Scher
Sales Associate
Show Bio | Email Austin

Geoff Siddons
Director of Food and Beverage, Prof. Sports Catering
Show Bio | Email Geoff

Amanda Williams
Director of Creative Services
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Guilford the Grasshopper
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Miss Babe Ruth
Bat Girl (Retired)
Show Bio | Email Miss Babe Ruth

Master Yogi Berra
Ball Boy
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Miss Lou Lou Gehrig
Bat/Ball Girl
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