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Research Materials

Baseball in the Lone Star State, The Texas League's Greatest Hits



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The following books are the best in exploring the history of the Texas League.

The History of the Texas League 1888-1951
By William Ruggles
Published 1951 by Texas League
(currently out of print and very difficult to find, but is the bible of TL history in the nineteenth and early twentieth century

The Texas League- 1888-1987
By Bill O'Neal
Published by Eakin Press, Austin, TX (ISBN # 0-89015-596-8) (comprehensive history of TL, stands alone as the modern update of TL history, loaded with pictures of players and fields)

Touching All Bases: The Autobiography of Allen H. Russell By Allen Russell, 1990. Published by Gulf Publishing Co., Houston, TX. (history of one of the most enthusiastic contributors to Texas baseball)

You Can't Hit the Ball With the Bat on Your Shoulder-The Baseball Life and Times of Bobby Bragan By Bobby Bragan and Jeff Guinn with an introduction from Howard Cosell, 1992. Published by The Summit Group, Ft. Worth, Texas. (ISBN# 1-56530-015-7)(life and times of Bragan through his rise from minor leagues to the majors and on to managing in both the minor league system and the major leagues)

A Season In the Minors National Geographic, Vol. 179, No. 4, pages 40-73. April, 1991. Article by David Lamb. (a reporter spends the summer touring the minors, includes brilliant photographs from William Albert Allard)

Traveler's Baseball- 90 Years- 1997
By Jim Bailey
(recently updated history of the long and changing history of Arkansas baseball; contact Arkansas Trav's for info)

Baseball From Browns to Diablos By Bob Ingram, 1991. Published by Paul Brothers Publishing, El Paso, Texas. (El Paso has a colorful and often fascinating history of baseball, and Ingram, former editor of the El Paso Herald-Post, has chronicled it in this book)

Baseball in Fort Worth By Mark Presswood and Chirs Holaday, 2004. Published by Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC. (ISBN# 0-7385-3241-X)(Fort Worth's rich tradition of professional baseball dates back to the start of the Texas League in 1888)

When Panthers Roared: The Fort Worth Cats and Minor League Baseball By Jeff Guinn with Bobby Bragan, 1999. Published by Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, Texas. (ISBN# 0-87565-205-0)(from 1889 to 1964, the Fort Worth Panthers--unofficially nicknamed the "Cats"--represented the essence of baseball in America)

Colt .45s A Six-Gun Salute: An Illustrated History of the Houston Colt .45s 1962-1964 By Robert Reed foreward by Rusty Staub, 1999. Published by Lone Star Books, Houston, Texas. (ISBN# 0-88415-283-9)(from the ramrod effort to bring big-league baseball to Houston to the last game in swampy Colt Stadium, this book tells the story of the first Major-League Baseball team in the South)

A Season of Celebration By Michael Point foreward by Nolan Ryan, 2001. Published by Round Rock Express Baseball. (ISBN# 0-9710554-0-8) (this book details the inaugural season of the eventual champion Round Rock Express, from building the team to clinching the pennant)

Bronchos to Spurs: Sports in San Antonio since 1888 By Chris Foltz, 2004. Maverick Publishing Co., San Antonio, Texas. (ISBN# 1-893271-31-5)(the ultimate handbook sports fans wanting information on a wide array of professional teams in San Antonio's history)

San Antonio at Bat: Professional Baseball in the Alamo City By David King, 2004. Published by Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas. (ISBN # 1-58544-376-X) (in this story of professional baseball in the Alamo City from 1888 to the present, San Antonio Express-News sportswriter David King hits the highlights--athletic and human--that have filled the city's diamonds for 115 years)

Let's Goooooooo Tulsa- 1990
By Wayne McCombs
(an excellent sourcebook for the history and traditions of TL baseball in Tulsa, OK; contact Tulsa Drillers for info)

Baseball in Tulsa By Wayne McCombs, 2003. Published by Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC. (ISBN# 0-7385-2332-1)(Tulsa's baseball past from the cow pastures of Indian Territory into the 21st century. The book documents the struggle many players endure in the coveted quest to become a major league baseball player)

Baseball Giant Killers: The Spudders of the 20's by Al Parker, 1976. Nortex Press, Quanah, Texas. (for 13 glorious years the Wichita Falls Spudders were a part of the golden era of minor league baseball in Texas)

Additional Sources:

The Annual Texas League Media Guide published at the beginning of every season, the Guide offers statitstics, standings and records from 1888-present available by order from the League Office, see league trading post for more info)

You may also wish to contact the following organizations for facts, memoribilia, and information concerning the TL:

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame
1108 S. University Parks Drive,

Waco, TX 76706

Fax: (254)756-2384

Toll Free: 800-567-9561

Legends of the Game Musuem,

The Ballpark at Arlington
Arlington, TX

The Society of Baseball Research

PO Box 93183
Cleveland, OH 44101