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All-Star Rosters

June 29, 2011: Texas League All-Star Game
Nelson Wolff Municipial Stadium - San Antonio, Texas

SAN ANTONIO -- Wolff's Stadium's reputation as a pitcher's park remained intact for the most part during Wednesday night's 75th Texas League All-Star Game.

Despite the lack of offense, San Antonio third baseman James Darnell provided enough punch to complement the South pitchers' seven-hit outing by belting a two-run homer en route to a 3-2 victory over the North before a crowd of 6,121.

For Darnell, who also showed his defensive heroics with a clutch snag from left field in the ninth, being part of the All-Star contest on his home field was enough of an honor. Being named Most Valuable Player added a little something extra for the Padres prospect.

"This definitely was better than I thought it would be," Darnell said. "Sometimes you wonder if you're going to be in the Minor Leagues forever. But I have a lot of faith and take it one day at a time. To get this award with all these great players is a big honor. I want to keep working as hard as I can and move up as soon as possible."

The South got on the board in the second when Michael Spina (Midland) opened with a double off Christian Freidrich (Tulsa). He went to third on a single by Corpus Christi's J.D. Martinez to shallow left and scored on a fielder's choice.

The big blow followed an inning later. Jermaine Mitchell (Midland), who went 2-for-2 with a walk, led off with a triple. Darnell lined his two-run homer over the left-field fence one out later.

He came close to ripping a three-run shot in fourth, but the ball sailed foul.

"The home run was great," Darnell said. "I was trying to make contact. I couldn't really tell what kind of pitch it was. I was just trying to do something.

"I really thought I had that second one too. But I lost it, because it was pretty high and I couldn't tell if it carried foul."

Casey Kelly (San Antonio) set the tone with a perfect inning in the first. Martin Perez (Frisco) followed suit in the second, but Jorge Reyes (San Antonio) and Dallas Keuchel (Corpus Christi) had to work out of jams.

Keuchel had the tougher obstacle in the fifth. After a perfect fourth, he gave up a leadoff double to Anthony Seratelli (Northwest Arkansas) and allowed Ben Paulsen (Tulsa) to reach first with a wild pitch on a strikeout. After a walk to Darwin Perez (Arkansas) loaded the bases, the Corpus Christi lefty fanned the next two batters to end the North threat.

"I didn't want to be our first pitcher to give up a run," Keuchel said. "I just tried to bear down and make better pitches. I found my locations with my change-up and curve. It was good to see I'm throwing my curveball for strikes now."

The North finally broke through in the sixth when Matt Adams (Springfield) unloaded a one-out solo home run. And the squad had a chance to do even more damage in the seventh.

With one out, Ryan Jackson (Springfield) doubled and scored on a single by Mike Trout (Arkansas). Scott Beerer (Tulsa) singled, but the runners were stranded as San Antonio reliever Erik Hamren escaped further trouble with a flyout and strikeout.

"My arm felt great, but sometimes things don't go your way," Hamren said. "You can't let it hurt you when you give up hits. You have to keep focusing on what you are doing. After I got the second out, I was pretty confident I would get the next guy."

Darnell's defensive work came in handy in the ninth. After moving from third to left field, Darnell chased down a line drive by Paulsen, making the grab at the wall. Frisco reliever Justin Miller and San Antonio's Brad Brach got the final two outs to seal the victory.

"Plays like that are always fun," Darnell said. "The guy stuck it pretty well, but I was able to get to it. I've been getting some playing time there this year. I still have a lot of work to do out there. Making plays like that definitely make me feel more comfortable there."

2011 North Division All-Star Team


First Base - Matt Adams, Springfield
Second Base - Anthony Seratelli, NW Arkansas (N1)
Third Base - Luis Jimenez, Arkansas
Shortstop - Darwin Perez, Arkansas
Catcher - Wilin Rosario, Tulsa
Designated Hitter - Ben Paulsen, Tulsa (N1)
Outfield - Alex Castellanos, Springfield
Outfield - Mike Trout, Arkansas
Outfield - Tim Wheeler, Tulsa


Catcher - Salvador Perez, NW Arkansas
Infield - Ryan Jackson, Springfield
Infield - Jeff Bianchi, NW Arkansas (N1)
Outfield - Wil Myers, NW Arkansas (N2)
Outfield - Scott Beerer, Tulsa


RHP - Orangel Arenas, Arkansas
RHP - Michael Blazek, Springfield
RHP - Ryan Brasier, Arkansas
LHP - Sam Freeman, Springfield (N3)
LHP - Joe Torres, Tulsa (N4)
LHP - Christian Friedrich, Tulsa
RHP - Kelvin Herrera, NW Arkansas (N5)
LHP - Trevor Reckling, Arkansas
RHP - Garrett Richards, Arkansas
RHP - Matt Shoemaker, Arkansas


Manager - Brian Poldberg, NW Arkansas
Coach - Terry Bradshaw, NW Arkansas
Coach - Larry Carter, NW Arkansas
Trainer - Tony Medina, NW Arkansas

(N1) Arkansas 2B Ryan Mount will not play (injury); Northwest Arkansas' Anthony Seratelli switches from DH to 2B; Tulsa infielder Ben Paulsen replaces Seratelli as the starting DH; Northwest Arkansas IF Jeff Bianchi is added to the roster
(N2) Northwest Arkansas C/OF Wil Myers replaces Tulsa IF Darin Holcomb (unable to play)
(N3) Springfield RHP Sam Freeman replaces Springfield RHP Maikel Cleto (promotion)
(N4) Tulsa LHP Joe Torres replaces Tulsa RHP Stephen Dodson (injury)
(N5) Northwest Arkansas RHP Kelvin Herrera replaces Tulsa RHP Juan Nicasio (promotion)

2011 South Division All-Star Team


First Base - Michael Spina, Midland
Second Base - Jimmy Paredes, Corpus Christi (S1)
Third Base - James Darnell, San Antonio
Shortstop - Grant Green, Midland (S2)
Catcher - Ali Solis, San Antonio
Designated Hitter - Mike Bianucci, Frisco
Outfield - Leonys Martin, Frisco
Outfield - Jermaine Mitchell, Midland
Outfield - J. D. Martinez, Corpus Christi


Catcher - Jose Felix, Frisco
Infield - Jose Ruiz, Frisco (S2)
Infield - Tommy Mendonca, Frisco
Infield - Renny Osuna, Frisco
Outfield - Sawyer Carroll, San Antonio


RHP - Erik Hamren, San Antonio (S3)
RHP - Brad Brach, San Antonio
LHP - Xavier Cedeno, Corpus Christi
RHP - Adalberto Flores, Frisco
RHP - Nick Vincent, San Antonio (S4), (S5)
RHP - Casey Kelly, San Antonio
LHP - Dallas Keuchel, Corpus Christi
RHP - Justin Miller, Frisco
LHP - Martin Perez, Frisco
RHP - Jorge Reyes, San Antonio


Manager - Doug Dascenzo, San Antonio
Coach - Jimmy Jones, San Antonio
Coach - Tom Tornicasa, San Antonio
Trainer - Nathan Stewart, San Antonio

(S1) Corpus Christi IF Jimmy Paredes replaces San Antonio IF Beamer Weems (unavailable) who was announced to replace San Antonio IF Vince Belnome (injury)
(S2) Midland SS Grant Green replaces Corpus Christi SS Wladimir Sutil (promotion) as a starter; Frisco IF Jose Ruiz is added to the roster
(S3) San Antonio RHP Erik Hamren replaces San Antonio RHP Anthony Bass (promotion)
(S4) San Antonio LHP Josh Spence replaces Midland RHP Ethan Hollingsworth (injury)
(S5) San Antonio RHP Nick Vincent replaces San Antonio LHP Josh Spence (promotion)

June 30, 2010: Texas League All-Star Game
Citibank Ballpark - Midland, Texas

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2010 North Division All-Stars


First Base - Curt Smith, Springfield
Second Base - Johnny Giavotella, Northwest Arkansas
Third Base - Mike Moustakas, Northwest Arkansas
Shortstop - Andrew Romine, Arkansas
Catcher - Steven Hill, Springfield
Designated Hitter - Clint Robinson, Northwest Arkansas
Outfield - Aaron Luna, Springfield
Outfield - Paulo Orlando, Northwest Arkansas
Outfield - Derrick Robinson, Northwest Arkansas


Infield - Ryan Mount, Arkansas
Infield - Daniel Mayora, Tulsa
Outfield - Adron Chambers, Springfield
Outfield - Mark Hamilton, Springfield (N1)
Catcher - Wilin Rosario, Tulsa


RHP - Bruce Billings, Tulsa
RHP - Scott Gorgen, Springfield (N2)
RHP - David Kopp, Springfield
LHP - Mike Montgomery, Northwest Arkansas (N3), (N4)
LHP - Edgar Osuna, Northwest Arkansas
LHP - Scott Rice, Tulsa
RHP - Eduardo Sanchez, Springfield
RHP - Mario Santiago, Northwest Arkansas
RHP - Jordan Walden, Arkansas
LHP - Keith Weiser, Tulsa


Manager - Brian Poldberg, Northwest Arkansas
Coach - Terry Bradshaw, Northwest Arkansas
Coach - Ken Patterson, Arkansas
Trainer - Tony Medina, Northwest Arkansas

(N1) Arkansas OF Tim Smith, replaces Springfield OF Mark Hamilton (Injury)
(N2) Springfield RHP Brian Broderick replaces Springfield RHP Scott Gorgen (Injury)
(N3) Arkansas RHP Tim Kiely replaces Northwest Arkansas LHP Mike Montgomery (Injury)
(N4) Arkansas RHP Louis Coleman replaces Arkansas RHP Tim Kiely (Triple-A)

2010 South Division All-Stars


First Base - Koby Clemens, Corpus Christi
Second Base - Matt Lawson, Frisco
Third Base - Alex Valdez, Midland
Shortstop - Renny Osuna, Frisco
Catcher - Luis Martinez, San Antonio
Designated Hitter - Matt Clark, San Antonio
Outfield - Joey Butler, Frisco
Outfield - Archie Gilbert, Midland
Outfield - Cedric Hunter, San Antonio


Infield - Josh Horton, Midland
Infield - Wladimir Sutil, Corpus Christi (S1), (S2)
Outfield - Corey Brown, Midland
Outfield - J.B. Shuck, Corpus Christi
Catcher - Taylor Teagarden, Frisco


LHP - Douglas Arguello, Corpus Christi
RHP - Travis Banwart , Midland (S3)
RHP - Blake Beavan, Frisco
RHP - Simon Castro, San Antonio
RHP - Jeremy Hefner, San Antonio
LHP - Carlos Hernandez, Midland
RHP - Craig Italiano, San Antonio
RHP - Jordan Lyles, Corpus Christi
RHP - Evan Scribner, San Antonio
LHP - Beau Vaughn , Midland (S4)


Manager - Darren Bush, Midland
Coach - Scott Emerson, Midland
Coach - Juan Navarette, Midland
Trainer - Justin Whitehouse, Midland

(S1) Corpus Christi 2B German Duran replaces Corpus Christi SS Wladimir Sutil (Triple-A)
(S2) Midland 3B Jeff Baisley replaces Corpus Christi 2B German Duran (Unable to play)
(S3) Midland RHP Jared Lansford replaced Midland RHP Travis Banwart (Triple-A)
(S4) Frisco RHP Ryan Tatusko replaces Midland RHP Beau Vaughn (Triple-A)

July 1, 2009: Texas League All-Star Game
Dr Pepper Ballpark, Frisco, Texas

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2009 North Division All-Star Team


First Base - Mark Hamilton, Springfield (N1)
Second Base - Daniel Descalso, Springfield
Third Base - Corey Smith, Northwest Arkansas
Shortstop - Daniel Mayora, Tulsa
Catcher - Hank Conger, Arkansas
Designated Hitter - Jeff Kindel, Tulsa
Outfield - Peter Bourjos, Arkansas (N2)
Outfield - Tyler Henley, Springfield
Outfield - Jordan Parraz, Northwest Arkansas


Infield - Pete Kozma, Springfield
Infield - Kurt Mertins, Northwest Arkansas
Infield - Nate Sutton, Arkansas
Catcher - Steven Hill, Springfield
Outfield - Daryl Jones, Springfield


RHP - Trevor Bell, Arkansas (N3)
RHP - Jhoulys Chacin, Tulsa
RHP - Samuel Deduno, Tulsa
RHP - Trey Hearne, Springfield
RHP - Andrew Johnston, Tulsa
RHP - Lance Lynn, Springfield
RHP - Robert Mosebach, Arkansas (N4)
LHP - Trevor Reckling, Arkansas
RHP - Esmil Rogers, Tulsa
RHP - Francisco Samuel, Springfield


Manager - Bobby Magallanes, Arkansas
Coach - Francisco Matos, Arkansas
Coach - Larry Carter, Northwest Arkansas
Trainer - Eric Munson, Arkansas
Strength Coach - Josh Field, Arkansas

(N1) Mark Trumbo, Arkansas replaces Mark Hamilton, Springfield (Triple-A) on roster.
(N2) Cody Strait, Northwest Arkansas replaces Peter Bourjos*, Arkansas (injury) on roster.
*Bourjos will now play.
(N3) Tommy Mendoza, Arkansas replaces Trevor Bell, Arkansas (Triple-A) on roster.
(N4) Bobby Cassevah, Arkansas replaces Robert Mosebach, Arkansas (Triple-A) on roster.

2009 South Division All-Star Team


First Base - Justin Smoak, Frisco (S1)
Second Base - Adrian Cardenas, Midland
Third Base - Tommy Everidge, Midland (S2)
Shortstop - Wladimir Sutil, Corpus Christi
Catcher - Manny Pina, Frisco
Designated Hitter - Craig Cooper, San Antonio
Outfield - Mike Baxter, San Antonio (S3)
Outfield - Luis Durango, San Antonio
Outfield - Drew Locke, Corpus Christi


Infield - Chris Carter, Midland
Infield - Eric Sogard, San Antonio
Infield - Josh Horton, Midland
Catcher - Josh Donaldson, Midland
Outfield - Collin DeLome, Corpus Christi


LHP - Douglas Arguello, Corpus Christi (S4)
RHP - Travis Banwart, Midland
RHP - Sam Demel, Midland (S5)
RHP - Jason Fernandez, Midland
RHP - Ernesto Frieri, San Antonio
RHP - Graham Godfrey, Midland
LHP - Kasey Kiker, Frisco
RHP - Omar Poveda, Frisco (S6), (S7)
RHP - Evan Scribner, San Antonio
LHP - Polin Trinidad, Corpus Christi


Manager - Mike Micucci, Frisco
Coach - Jeff Andrews, Frisco
Coach - Brant Brown, Frisco
Trainer - Chris Gorosics, Frisco
Strength Coach - Luke Chichetto, Frisco

(S1) Craig Gentry, Frisco replaces Justin Smoak, Frisco (injury) on roster; Smoak may still play.
(S2) Jhon Florentino, Corpus Christi replaces Tommy Everidge, Midland (Triple-A) on roster
(S3) Corey Brown, Midland replaces Mike Baxter, San Antonio (Triple-A) on roster
(S4) Mat Latos, San Antonio replaces Douglas Arguello, Corpus Christi (injury) on roster
(S5) Mike Benacka, Midland replaces Sam Demel, Midland (Triple-A) on roster
(S6) Jose Diaz, Frisco replaces Omar Poveda, Frisco (injury) on roster
(S7) Mike DeMark, San Antonio replaces Jose Diaz, Frisco (injury) on roster

June 25, 2008: Texas League All-Star Game
Hammons Field, Springfield, Missouri

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2008 North Division All-Star Team

C-Ben Johnson, Arkansas
1B-Kila Kaaihue, Northwest Arkansas
2B-Corey Wimberly, Tulsa
3B-Allen Craig, Springfield
SS-Tyler Greene, Springfield
OF-Dexter Fowler, Tulsa
OF-Matt Miller, Tulsa
OF-Shane Robinson, Springfield
DH-Juan Richardson, Northwest Arkansas

C-Brandon Yarbrough, Springfield
IF-Tony Blanco, Tulsa
IF-Angel Sanchez, Northwest Arkansas
OF-Jon Jay, Springfield
OF-Ovandy Suero, Northwest Arkansas

Adam Bright, Tulsa
Daniel Cortes, Northwest Arkansas
Dan Denham, Arkansas
Dusty Hughes, Northwest Arkansas (2)
Kevin Jepsen, Arkansas (1)
Blake Johnson, Northwest Arkansas
Ryan Mattheus, Tulsa (3)
Robert Mosebach, Arkansas
Fernando Salas, Springfield
Jess Todd, Springfield

Manager: Ron "Pop" Warner, Springfield
Coach: Derrick May, Springfield
Coach: Bryan Eversgerd, Springfield
Trainer: Jay Pierson, Springfield

(1) Kevin Jepsen has been promoted to Triple-A. He will be replaced by Anthony Ortega, Arkansas.

(2) Dusty Hughes has been promoted to Triple-A. He will be replaced by Casey Weathers, Tulsa.

(3) Ryan Mattheus will be unavailable for medical reasons. He will be replaced by Luke Gregerson, Springfield.

2008 South Division All-Star Team

C-Max Ramirez, Frisco (6)
1B-Chris Davis, Frisco (1)
2B-Drew Sutton, Corpus Christi
3B-Jesus Guzman, Midland (5)
SS-Tommy Manzella, Corpus Christi
OF-Ben Harrison, Frisco
OF-Chad Huffman, San Antonio
OF-Steven Murphy, Frisco
DH-Kyle Blanks, San Antonio

C-Anthony Recker, Midland
IF-Elvis Andrus, Frisco
IF-Chris Johnson, Corpus Christi
OF-Jon Zeringue, Midland
OF-Billy Hart, Corpus Christi (4)

Greg Burke, San Antonio
Matt Buschmann, San Antonio
Andrew Carignan, Midland
Brian Gordon, Frisco (3)
Matt Harrison, Frisco (2)
Trey Hodges, Frisco
Will Inman, San Antonio
Brad James, Corpus Christi (7)
Vincent Mazzaro, Midland
James Simmons, Midland

Manager: Bill Masse, San Antonio
Coach: Steve Webber, San Antonio
Coach: Terry Kennedy, San Antonio
Strength Co.: Andy Stucke, San Antonio
Trainer: Wade Yamasaki, San Antonio

(1) Chris Davis has been promoted to Triple A. He will be replaced by Tommy Everidge, Midland, who will become the starting DH, with Kyle Blanks becoming the starting first baseman.

(2) Matt Harrison has been promoted to Triple A. He will be replaced by Ryan McKeller, Corpus Christi.

(3) Brian Gordon has been promoted to Triple A. He will be replaced by Chris Blazek, Corpus Christi.

(4) Billy Hart has been placed on the DL. He will be replaced by Craig Cooper, San Antonio.

(5) Jesus Guzman has been promoted to Triple-A. He will be replaced by Richie Paz, Corpus Christi.

(6) Max Ramirez has been promoted to the Texas Rangers. He will be replaced by Emerson Frostad, Frisco.

(7) Brad James will be unavailable due to medical reasons. He will be placed by Brandon Puffer, Frisco.

2008 Texas League Post-Season All Star Team

1B-Kila Ka'aihue, Northwest Arkansas
2B-Drew Sutton, Corpus Christi
3B-Allen Craig, Springfield
SS-Elvis Andrus, Frisco
UTL-Eric Young, Jr., Tulsa
C-Ben Johnson, Arkansas
C-Max Ramirez, Frisco
OF-Aaron Cunningham, Midland
OF-Dexter Fowler, Tulsa
OF-Matt Miller, Tulsa
DH-Kyle Blanks, San Antonio
DH-Tommy Everidge, Midland

P-Matt Buschmann, San Antonio
P-Dan Cortes, Northwest Arkansas
P-Will Inman, San Antonio
P-Vince Mazzaro, Midland
P-Fernando Salas, Springfield
P-James Simmons, Midland
P-Jess Todd, Springfield

Manager of the Year: Scott Little, Frisco
Pitcher of the Year: Vince Mazzaro, Midland
Player of the Year: Kila Ka'aihue, Northwest Arkansas
Mike Coolbaugh Texas League Coach of the Year: Larry Carter, Northwest Arkansas

June 26, 2007: Texas League All-Star Game
Whataburger Field, Corpus Christi, Texas

For results of 2007 All-Star Game, highlights, boxscores and more, click here

2007 Texas League North Division All-Star Team

C - Bryan Anderson - Springfield
1B - Joe Mather (3) - Springfield
2B - Adam Morrissey - Arkansas
3B - Freddy Sandoval - Arkansas
SS - Jonathan Herrera - Tulsa
OF - Chris Lubanski - Wichita
OF - Matt Miller - Tulsa
OF - Colby Rasmus - Springfield
DH - Juan Richardson - Springfield
C - Bobby Wilson - Arkansas
IF - Jarrett Hoffpauir - Springfield
IF - Sean Rodriguez - Arkansas
IF - Mike Stodolka - Wichita
OF - Sean Danielson - Springfield

P - Nick Adenhart (4) - Arkansas
P - Jose Arredondo (2) - Arkansas
P - Daniel Davidson (1) - Arkansas
P - Jamie Garcia - Springfield
P - Nick Green - Arkansas
P - Jarrett Grube - Tulsa
P - Luke Hochevar - Wichita
P - Chris Perez - Springfield
P - Steven Register - Tulsa
P - Greg Reynolds (5) - Tulsa

Manager - Ron "Pop" Warner - Springfield
Coach - Derrick May - Springfield
Coach - Blaise Ilsley - Springfield
Trainer - Brad LaRosa - Springfield

(1) - Juan Morillo - Tulsa, will replace Davidson who is disabled
(2) - Rich Thompson - Arkansas, will replace Arredondo who has been sent to Rancho Cucamonga
(3) - Christian Colonel - Tulsa, will replace Mather who has been promoted to Memphis
(4) - Mitchell Boggs - Springfield, will replace Adenhart who has been placed on the DL
(5) - Ryan Mattheus - Tulsa, will replace Reynolds

2007 Texas League South Division All-Star Team

C - Landon Powell - Midland
1B - Todd Self - Corpus Christi
2B - German Duran - Frisco
3B - Chase Headley (2) - San Antonio
SS - Gregorio Petit (3) - Midland
OF - Peter Ciofrone - San Antonio
OF - Richie Robnett - Midland
OF - Anthony Webster - Frisco
DH - Noochie Varner - Corpus Christi
C - Kevin Richardson - Frisco
IF - Travis Metcalf (1) - Frisco
IF - Brian Snyder - Midland
OF - Beau Torbert - Corpus Christi
OF - Will Venable - San Antonio

P - Paul Abraham - San Antonio
P - Chance Douglass - Corpus Christi
P - Ben Fritz - Midland
P - Josh Geer - San Antonio
P - Eric Hurley (4) - Frisco
P - Mike Madsen - Midland
P - Doug Mathis - Frisco
P - Troy Patton - Corpus Christi
P - Steven Sharpe - Midland
P - Andy Shipman - Midland

Manager - Dave Clark - Corpus Christi
Coach - Stan Boroski - Corpus Christi
Coach - John Tamargo, Jr. - Corpus Christi
Coach - Danny Fatheree - Corpus Christi
Trainer - Jamey Snodgrass - Corpus Christi

(1) - Casey Benjamin - Frisco, replaces Metcalf, who has been promoted to Texas
(2) - Drew Sutton - Corpus Christi, replaces Headley, who has been promoted to San Diego
(3) - Jonny Ash - Corpus Christi, replaces Petit, who has been promoted to Triple A
(4) - Luis Mendoza - Frisco, replaces Hurley, who has been promoted to Triple A

2007 Post-Season All-Star Team

C - Bryan Anderson, Springfield
C - Nick Hundley, San Antonio
1B - Mike Stodolka, Wichita
2B - German Duran, Frisco
3B - Chase Headley, San Antonio
SS - Sean Rodriguez, Arkansas
OF - Colby Rasmus, Springfield
OF - Richie Robnett, Midland
OF - Ray Sadler, Corpus Christi
OF - Will Venable, San Antonio
DH - Chriatain Colonel, Tulsa
Util - Freddy Sandoval, Arkansas

P - Josh Geer, San Antonio
P - Miguel Gonzalez, Arkansas
P - Nick Green, Arkansas
P - Luis Mendoza, Frisco
P - Troy Patton, Corpus Christi
P - Chris Perez, Springfield
P - Steven Register, Tulsa

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