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Homer and Marge


It's fitting that Homer and Marge Simpson should find a home in a place called Isotopes Park, but how they arrived in Albuquerque is the perfect confluence of perseverance, creativity, a perceptive spouse, and back seat space. It began in the fall of 2009, when Isotopes General Manager John Traub and his wife Liz were in Los Angeles for the Dodgers' playoff series against the St. Louis Cardinals. By happenstance, while driving down La Brea Ave., Liz noticed two, extremely weathered, statues of Homer and Marge sitting outside an eclectic furniture store called Nick Metropolis Collectable Furniture. Realizing that the statues, after a little TLC, would look great in Isotopes Park, John asked the shop's namesake, Mr. Metropolis, if he could part with them. Initially the offer was rebuffed, but John countered and, with some help from Isotopes President Ken Young, who always envisioned the presence of America's favorite animated parents in Isotopes Park, the statues were secured.

Next came the challenge of physically transporting the statues the 800 miles from L.A. to Albuquerque. Since two life-sized, solid fiberglass figures don't exactly fit in the mail, the next amendable option became the back seat of the largest SUV on the market short of the Hummer. After flying back to Southern California, the Traubs tried three different rental vehicles, including a mini-van, in an attempt to find something big enough to transport the statues before finally settling on a Ford Expedition that at the time wasn't even available for rent. Their luck continued, though, and after driving the Expedition out of the rental car show room, the statues fit and the Traubs, essentially serving as Homer and Marge's chauffeurs, set out for New Mexico.

Once in the Land of Enchantment, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were in dire need of a bath, or perhaps more accurately, a complete spa treatment, so the two were taken to Reynolds Auto Salvage, which does a lot of local work for the film industry, for a full refurbishment, including new paint and a few accoutrements including an Isotopes ticket for Homer and a big bucket of popcorn for Marge.

Now fans can come to Isotopes games and actually touch, sit down, and get their picture taken with Homer and Marge, creating yet another great memory of an evening spent at Isotopes Park.

Look for Homer and Marge along the concourse at Isotopes Park this season!