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Amended and Restated Guidelines: Requests for Support

Qualifying Organizations

The River Cats Foundation, Inc. will provide financial support only to qualified IRC Section 501(c)(3) organizations.
The qualified organizations must demonstrate active participation in the greater Sacramento region in one or more of the following areas:

1.   Youth Activities
2.  Family Activities
Criteria for Consideration of Support

Qualifying organizations must demonstrate a consistent history of supporting worthy youth and family-based activities in the greater Sacramento area.  They must have been in existence for a minimum of two (2) full calendar years and demonstrate their financial stability.  They will have directly supported one or more organizations whose beneficiaries are needy children, youth or families.

Required Materials to be Submitted for Review

At a minimum, the qualifying organization will provide two (2) current copies of the following documents:

Bullett IRC 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
Bullett Most recent year Form 990/990 PF as filed with the Internal Revenue Service
Bullett Most recent year Form 199 as filed with the California Franchise Tax Board
Bullett Most recent Form RRF-1 as filed with the California Registry of Charitable Trusts
Bullett Brochures and other materials describing the organization’s activities and support function
Bullett Formal, written request for support including: Amount requested; Specific program being supported; Time frame that funds will be utilized; Other supporting materials, as appropriate

Restrictions os Request for Support

Except as otherwise determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors, as of January 1, 2006, the following will be the focus of the Foundation with respect to broad categories of groups supported and their annual operating programs: 

Bullett 2013: Art, drama and music-related programs
Bullett 2014: Academic (focus on science, math-related) programs
Bullett 2015: After School (including athletic)-related programs

In addition, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, the Foundation may support the appropriate youth and/or family-based capital projects of qualifying organizations.
Required Time for Request for Support

The Foundation’s Board of Directors will consider Requests for Support at their Board meeting in June of each year consistent with the preceding direction.  Complete information must be received by February 1st for consideration at the Foundation’s annual Board meeting.  Incomplete packages will be returned to the submitting organization and may be resubmitted one additional time.

Approved Requests for Support will be distributed in late June of each year along with a Post Grant Evaluation Form, which must be completed and returned to the Foundation by December 31 of the year of the distribution.  Failure to complete the Post Grant Evaluation Form will preclude the qualifying organization from receiving support in the event the organization seeks support in the following year.

Method of Submission
The two (2) complete sets of materials should be forwarded via regular mail to:
            River Cats Foundation
            Attention: Mr. Dan Vistica
            400 Ballpark Drive
            West Sacramento, CA 95691
Designated Gifts
Periodically, the Foundation may be requested to accept a cash contribution subject to a stipulation by the donor that an amount equal to all or a portion of such cash contribution be distributed by the Foundation to a particular charity designated in advance by such donor (each, a "Designated Gift"). The Board of Directors of the Foundation may elect to accept a Designated Gift, and in such event the Designated Gift will be accepted, deposited and then distributed to the designated charity upon receipt of the designated charity's IRC 501(c)(3) Determination Letter and satisfaction of such other criteria, if any, as may be established by the Board of Directors.
* Revision Date: May, 2012