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Name: Rocky
Number: 9
Hobbies: Playing cat's cradle, taking cat naps
Favorite food: Ball park hot dogs
Favorite movie: "Rocky"
Favorite song: "These Cats Rock"
Favorite player: Joe Mauer

You can reach Rocky at

To book an appearance from Rocky, contact Rocky's agent at 860-224-8383 ext. 23


Name: Rookie (Click here to join Rookie's Club!)
Number: 7
Hobbies: running the bases on Sundays with Rookie's Club Members
Favorite movie: "The Rookie"
Favorite food: Rocky Road ice cream
Favorite player: Rocky
Rookie is Rocky's nephew!



Name: Advanced Copy Toner the Copy Cat
Hobbies: Making copies
Favorite movie: "Copy Cat"
Favorite food: Sunflower seeds
Favorite player: Justin Morneau
He's the proud uncle of Rocky!



Name: Blooper
Number: 00
Hobbies: Swimming and diving
Favorite movie: "Shrek"
Favorite food: Barbecued ribs
Favorite song: "I am the Walrus"
Favorite athlete: Craig Stadler
Blooper lives in Willowbrook behind the stadium. He is tusks of fun!



Name: Sandy the Lion
Number: 99
Hobbies: ROARing the Rock Cats to victory!
Favorite food: Cracker Jack
Favorite movie: "The Lion King"
Favorite player: Francisco Liriano