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New Britain Stadium Facts

Ground Breaking

June, 1995

Date Opened

April 12, 1996




LF - 330' CF - 400' RF - 330'

Height of Fence


Rock Cats Dugout

First Base Side

Visitors Dugout

Third Base Side

Rock Cats Bullpen

Right Field Line

Visitors Bullpen

Left Field Line


New Britain Stadium Firsts

GAME: Friday, April 12, 1996 vs. New Haven (NH 3, Rock Cats 0)
TEMPERATURE: 50 degrees Fahrenheit
ROCK CATS PITCHER: Hector Trinidad
BATTER: Chris Sexton, New Haven
VISITING PITCHER: Jamey Wright, New Haven
ROCK CATS BATTER: Ramone Vallette
HIT: J.J. Johnson, New Britain
RUN: Edgard Velazquez, New Haven (4th inning)
SINGLE: J.J. Johnson, New Britain
DOUBLE: Jamie Taylor, New Haven
TRIPLE: Tommy Davis, Bowie (April 18, 1996)
HOMERUN: Edgard Velazquez, New Haven (4th inning)
INSIDE THE PARK HOMERUN: Ryan Lane, New Britain (May 15, 1997)
GRAND SLAM: Anthony Lewis, New Britain (May 10, 1996)
RBI: Todd Helton, New Haven
WALK: Chris Sexton, New Haven
STRIKEOUT: Anthony Lewis by Jamey Wright
STOLEN BASE: Chris Sexton, New Haven (top of 1st)
J. J. Johnson, New Britain (bottom of 1st)
WINNING PITCHER: Jamey Wright, New Haven
LOSING PITCHER: Hector Trinidad, New Britain
SAVE: Mike Saipe, New Haven
ROCK CATS WIN: Saturday, April 13, 1996 vs. New Haven (7-0)
EXHIBITION GAME: Monday, August 18, 1997 (Rock Cats 3 Twins 0)