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Ways to Use Season Tickets

Ways to Use Your Season Tickets
at work - in the community - at home

At Work

  • Invite a customer who hasn't done business with you recently
  • Get to know key co-workers outside of the office
  • Help part-time workers feel more included in the organization
  • Reward suppliers and vendors who consistently meet deadlines
  • Treat a loyal customer for his or her birthday
  • Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets
  • Thank someone who has given you helpful business advice
  • Use for personal therapy after a difficult day
  • Have a drawing at work and give them to a lucky employee
  • Enhance relationships with those in a position to recommend you or refer your business
  • Take a potential customer and close the sale at the arena
  • Take a loyal customer to say "thanks"
  • Take one of your smaller accounts and try to enhance their business with you
  • Reward a customer who gave you a referral
  • Reward an employee who comes up with a savings suggestion
  • Reward staff for an accident-free work enviornment
  • On-time delivery from vendors
  • Win back a customer who had a problem or complaint with your company
  • Thank a customer who praised your company
  • Package tickets with your products to promote sales
  • Welcome a new employee to the company with tickets
  • Reward the employee with the highest sales
  • Put a smile on an employee's face who needs encouragement
  • Thank your Assistant on Administrative Professionals Day
  • Offer your tickets to a service person from another company who has taken care of you
  • Give tickets to the office cleaning crew as a thank you
  • Offer tickets to a customer for the holiday
  • Show your appreciation to a company intern
  • Send co-workers to a game together
  • Give tickets to an employee on his or her birthday
  • Offer tickets to a prospctive employee who is interviewing from out of town
  • Reward your "Employee of the Month"

In the Community

  • Thank volunteers for their contribution
  • Give them to your child's teacher as a thank you
  • Donate tickets to your church
  • Give tickets to charity and use it as a tax write-off
  • Give tickets to your doctor, dentist, mechanic...
  • Lawyer, accountant, hair cutter, etc.
  • Give tickets to a Good Samaritan
  • Use tickets as a raffle prize
  • Use tickets as an auction item
  • Use as an incentive for someone to quit a bad habit
  • Give tickets to a team you sponsor or play on
  • Donate tickets to hospital patients

At Home

  • Thank a neighbor who took care of your pets and plants while you were away
  • Give to a restaurant that you frequent with clients or family members
  • Give as an engagement or wedding gift
  • Treat family and friends with a ball game
  • Meet a blind date in the stands
  • Reward your children for good grades
  • Welcome a new neighbor to town
  • Invite an old friend to reconnect
  • Make new friends
  • Give tickets as a graduation gift
  • Treat a friend to a game on his or her birthday