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Red Wings Uniform History

by Paul Bielewicz for

The Rochester Red Wings have had a very rich and colorful uniform history. Their styles over the years have run the gamut from traditional and conservative to unique and forward-thinking. Their dress has in many ways echoed the styles of the eras; from traditional in the 1950’s to garish and colorful in the 1970’s.

Professional baseball has been a part of the Rochester landscape since 1877. Rochester joined the International League in 1885, and in 2010 opens its 122nd season - not only the longest running franchise in the International League, but one of the longest running teams in all of professional sports.

The team came to be called the Red Wings in 1928, when their affiliation with the St. Louis Cardinals began. The name was intended to reference not only a link to their parent club, but also the region’s rich Native American history. While the history of the team has been covered in detail in wonderful books such as "Silver Seasons" by Scott Pitoniak and Jim Mandelaro, and "On a Silver Diamond" by Brian Bennett, the history of the Red Wings' visual identity has never been catalogued. The purpose of this guide is to catalogue the team’s rich visual and graphical history, specifically in terms of the uniforms and logos that have been used.

This guide begins in 1928, the team’s first year as the Red Wings, and is separated into 11 primary styles or eras. There have been dozens of incremental evolutionary changes over the years, but each of these eras represents a major shift in primary style, color, or otherwise noteworthy characteristic.

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Part 1 - Introduction, overview of basic Red Wings uniform styles and trends

Pages 1-5
posted 4/16/10

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Pages 6-11
posted 4/16/10

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Part 2 - The first Red Wings uniform styles, 1928-1934

posted 6/9/10
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Bonus feature from the 2010 Red Wings Yearbook - some lesser known facts about Red Wings uniform styles over the years.
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