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Our Promise

To deliver a Grand Slam in Affordable Family Entertainment by covering all the bases.

1st Base: Fun.
2nd Base: Family.
3rd Base: Fabulous food.
Home: Affordability.


Who we are

We are a professional, world-class Triple-A minor league baseball team that is an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. And as such, are not only a great entertainment venue, but also a great source of pride for our region and especially for our fans.


What we do

While we function as a baseball franchise, the benefit provided to our loyal customers is that they are going to have a good time without having to spend a fortune while doing it. We provide a mix of fun and entertaining experiences that can fulfill the wishes of any fan - at every age and stage of life. We also provide entertainment for people and their business colleagues, as well as for our numerous corporate partners and sponsors.


How we do it

We believe that our organization and our fans are on the same team, so to speak. You can't have one without the other. It's a connection. A bond. And to further cement this bond, we offer popular team merchandise and team apparel through our year-round store, the Swamp Shop. While we take pride in helping to create fond memories for our fans, we acknowledge the many wonderful memories our fans create for us. Being in it together is what makes a great team work. By being in-tune with our legions of loyal fans. By feeding off their energy and passion when they chant "Let's Go Hens!" and responding to them by displaying it on the video boards. By interacting with them.

By putting them first, and understanding and knowing what they like and dislike, we are able to bring them joy, regardless of the outcome of the game.


Why we do what we do

Wouldn't it be a shame if money got in the way of people sharing great times and great memories with their friends and families? The Mud Hens think so.

We built this great ballpark so that people could afford to build wonderful memories with the ones they love. Memories of counting down to opening day and the unofficial start of Spring, and of the fun and excitement that come with that first day as it electrifies the whole town. Of walking into the gate for the first time and seeing the beautiful Downtown Toledo skyline and a packed house.

Memories of catching a foul ball. Or seeing an incredible home run. Memories of camping out under the stars. Of getting hugs and kisses from Muddy the Mud Hen or Muddonna.

Memories of waiting for the sun to go down just to see the stadium lights come up. Of hearing the crack of the bat or the smack of the ball hitting the catcher's glove so hard that it hurt your ears.

The smell of popcorn. The taste of the best darn hot dog you ever ate in your life. Memories of the 7th inning stretch. Of the pride that goes with wearing a Mud Hen's jersey and chanting "Let's go Hens!" while doing the wave, Mud Hens style. Memories of the first time your dad took you to a game - and your mom, time and time again. And reliving that excitement and seeing it though the eyes of your own child. Memories of bumping into a neighbor or an old friend as you watch your kids run the bases. Memoires of The Roost and feeling like you're a special guest at the biggest community block party ever assembled.

We built this park to heighten the joy of sharing. Of sharing fantastic food. A good laugh with your friends. A shared moment witnessing a great play on the field by a famous player. Or a soon-to-be famous player. Of taking a photograph with a best friend or getting an autograph from a favorite player.

Yes, we built this park for fans. But not just baseball fans. Fans of having a good time. Fans of the whole downtown experience who make Toledo's many fine bars and restaurants a first stop before the game. Fans of watching our fireworks. Fans of having fun, who love to laugh, even at themselves upon seeing their moves on the "Dance Cam" during the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide or the Cha-Cha song. Fans of seeing the joy of discovery on a child's face the moment they realize they made it on the "Kids Cam." Fans of each other, as couples are caught on the "Kiss Cam" along with an end shot of a couple of visiting players in the dugout for laughs.

We built this park so people can let loose and have fun and cheer for their favorite star. Whether it's a baseball player or an animated ketchup, chili or mustard bottle during the "Hot Dog Race." We built this park to give kids something to cheer about on school days by hosting morning games where 10,000 of them scream so loud your ears ring for days.

We built this park with moms in mind. So that they can bring their kids to someplace safe. And comfortable. We built it with dads in mind, too. With big seats. Close to the players. In a minor league park, with a major league feel. Without feeling the sting of major league prices. Where worries are few, and help and friendliness from our staff is abundant.

We built this park to affirm our respect for the sport of baseball. And more importantly, family. All kinds of families. So that people can connect. With each other. With childhood memories. To see. And to be seen.

We built this park to give people a mix of fun - and affordable and entertaining experiences - that can fulfill the dreams and wishes of any fan. At any age. And any stage of life. We built this park so people can build on their relationships. Have good memories. And create new ones.

This is what baseball is all about. This is joy. The Joy of Mudville.

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