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Entertainment Nights

Looking for an extra bit of fun at a Dragons game this summer? Check out our guests coming to Fifth Third Field!


April 30 Russian Bar Trio 2:00 PM
May 18 Team Zoom Dippin' Dots 7:00 PM
May 21 Jesse White Tumbling   2:00 PM
June 1 Team Zoom   7:00 PM
June 3 BirdZerk Franklin Equipment 7:00 PM
June 4 Zooperstars Great Clips 2:00 PM
July 1 Xpogo   7:00 PM
July 3 City of Dayton Fireworks   10:00 PM
July 9 Jake the Diamond Dog Dippin' Dots 2:00 PM
July 21 Team Zoom Festival Fresh Popcorn 7:00 PM
August 6 Jesse White Tumbling The Red Cross 2:00 PM
August 17 Team Zoom The Dublin Pub 7:00 PM